I like VPN Tube because it works for me very well .I have been using other VPns before and they were not connecting

Your free app is really amazing and fantastic, even though its a open source your customer support, your prompt response on issues is simply superb. I rate 5 star’s for your app and 10 star’s for your backend support because without good support no product can gain success in market. Tq u team keep up the good spirit

Hello, After updating the app it keeps on vibrating. In setting i switch off the vibration but still it keeps vibrating please help. Overall it good app.

has been working fine but after the last update when i connect it the vpn starts giving a beep sound and keeps on beeping for ever and its too annoying and i can’t hear anything else just the annoying beep sound which never stops…

This vpn is the best I’ll prefer to use it to this because I have a little bit issue sometime my voice can’t going perfectly to other person.

Last six months i was able use VPN Tube on Android 9, Pie platform . Recently mobile was updated tp 10, Q and after Not connecting on Android 10

It’s good.. but after the updates my phone’s keeps on vibrating , however vibration is off from the setting.. please help

What is the problem in an updated version it gives kind of sounds so irritating everytime when you’re in call solve it asap thank you

It’s good! But sometimes I encounter difficulties to get into other apps that are using internet when my VPN is on.

For two three days it was working properly excellent but now it’s not working anymore I tried to connect again n again but showing error now.even I deleted the app n download it again but still same not connecting again

The servers cannot be found I need to run another VPN so this app can find its servers! Then it can’t connect to any of them! Very, very nonsense!

great apps so far, coz it helps me connect thru videocalls..sometimes, we cannot avoid traffic issues but its only minor.. i prefer to left a single star for further development download

OK I already update very good, I wish it will be very fast even if I pay for u no problem, the important thing it’s fast. It’s working good on huawei p20 lite and Samsung s10.

Very poor my wife is using in Dubai and it’s not working for her anymore, it will connect, but then when she tries to use any app it tells her she has no internet connection

Oppps I’m Disturbed by the App, Coz Everyday or Every 2 days have to Update, Without Update you can’t use the App, So I want to massage the app manage, Please give as a chance to use the app , keep up minimum 15 day without Update, Remember!

Excellent and thanks a lot you bring us full of happiness we talk and see our love ones via vedio as we are far away our family thank you very much more power wishes not remove


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