I am in Dubai and whenever i try to connect to the local server it connects to someother server and my whatsapp is not also working when connected to this app

This app is super fast and has many faster servers and gets connected quickly and I like it veru much

Super easy. Installed it and it just connects. But i coulnd’t get it on ios where the app store said it is not available in your country or region. Any advice?
Really easy and nice to use. Really helpful aswell! I can use my school WiFi, and all of the stuff thats blocked is no longer blocked for me! Thank you for this
Whenever I try to connect to the United Kingdom server it puts me onto a random server therefore the connection ends up being really slow.
Thank you so much for this service. You are one of the rare free vpns who keep an indian server. Thoroughly liked it. Thank you. 🤗
It doesn’t work in China anymore. Update: since this app doesn’t match my needs, they proposed and gave me a full refund. Very correct approach.
Fast, secure 🔐.. And free. But one can’t access the internet without prior payment for it, by just using this app. It can’t by-pass limitations due to local internet tariffs.
I just got it yesterday and so far it’s pretty good. (don’t leave your data on if you have a limited plan without checking how much it’s using while you’re sleeping etc.) I’ve tried four vpn apps and so far this is the best one. It’s easy to setup and use.
Hi. When I purchased this service it was working well now all servers are down and I cannot connect to the internet when I am using the app. Please I need to return my moeny back. It is not usefull at all.
Close to perfect. Using since 3 years. Occasionally ads will play which is annoying. Else everything works fine. VPN gets connected after 3 4 tries.
Great VPN, and completely free just like it says. Tried many different vpns that misadvertised as such until I found this one.
Oh wow thank you so much if anybody is looking for a vpn this dosent have much locations but the locations it has are good and wow the speed is amazing
I used to use this VPN but not NOW. After clearing data and restarting the app several times , still doesn’t work. neither on WiFi nor mobile data download
My 3 year kid made a mistakenly activation of trail which I didnt know and despite I didnt use it for a single day, it deducted 33£ from my account after 3 days. I requested them on the same day of transaction that it was a mistake and I immediately ended yearly subscription but they don’t bother. Now once they have money they will not reply back. I am not even a hard core user of VPN. Mixed with Google they are pick pocketing users.
Hello. The program is perfect and Practical. I was amazed by the careful support and responsiveness of the patient messages to the users. Thanks, Thanks Thanks Thanks Of course, for me in Iran, it’s sometimes hard to connect, but the reason for this is the Iranian government, which is trying to disrupt the safe breakdowns. The government is pushing users to move toward self-made filtering agents and to spy and steal information to identify counter-revolutionary factors.
I opted in for a 7 day free trial but it went straight to an annual subscription and charged me £32.99! The only option I got was a button saying “start now”, which turns out to be an unrefundable subscription! It is not so much as “free unlimited vpn proxy” if you charges a customer an annual fee for a free trial. Not to mention, the speed is very slow with the VIP package!
Dear VPN Robot team, I have recently purchased the VIP version of your VPN on my Samsung Galaxy 9+ phone, but since I did that, every time I will start the VPN it appears the I am connected, but there is completely no access to the internet. There is no connection to internet when I start the VPN. Your free version of VPN was working fine before. It is really disappointing for me. If this issue won’t be resolved, I would ask you for a refund. Please help me to resolve this asap. Regards Jarka.
Often use the VPN for when on holiday so I can still access UK based apps like amazon. Since update, can no longer pick the VPN country, its automatic without paying, so no longer useful
Fast and easy but i dont know why it is not work on some devices specialy devices with android 7 or higher . When i was trying to connect an error message popsup : Google play services is not activated and i checked every thing . Googleplay service was acrive but the same error runs again please check it and find a soloution
Easy, reliable and free (no matter what some people say). Occasionally certain locations have issues that make connecting to the VPN difficult (even impossible, but that is uncommon), but it’s not a problem with the app itself. It serves my needs well. I’ve tried a number of VPN apps and keep coming back to VPN Robot.
I recently upgraded to vip and the speed was AWESOME, untill I updated the app and most of the vip servers went missing. I am currently in China so having a vpn and connecting to close servers like Korea or Japan is vital, but now they are nowhere to be found. I’d like to know what’s going on
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