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I’ve been using this for a couples of month,i shouldn’t complain it for nothing,but it has no use,u can:t even see an image.Maybe,give us more mb’s for free search by providing 50mb it would be enough for us to finish an online research.
Hello Facebook team. The app is brilliant especially for students looking to research but my one problem is that it’s not available to everyone. In south Africa only MTN and Cell C carriers have access it’s capabilities but others including myself who have switched to Telkom do not have the same access. Please make it available to everyone. Thank You
Why would you lie to us to download this app? It doesn’t work, it just displays an error message “something went wrong” what is it that went wrong? You said you access websites for free, or you meant with data bundles? Be clear. That 1 star I put is only so that I can post a review.
This software is very good. It is very useful and runs well on the net but it is very sad that it can not be used very often. It will be very useful to solve this problem.

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Hello Facebook! Why in permission not have microphone? Please Facebook fix now. Thanks Facebook so much! One more Facebook when they are sent voice to me not hear it error for iOS and Android the same. But i send to feedback I can hear. Thanks Facebook!

You have to implement schedule post and all the features from creator studio website within the app. people don’t use to repeat sign in and goto web and upload content from website it’s better to goto app and done all work from app.It’s good if you only want to see facebook analytics. The webpage version lets you post to your instagram and facebook feeds… continutiy between the desktop version and the app would make this much more useful.It’s really not a “creator” studio, but more of a “post insights” studio. Doesn’t allow you to create new posts or repost old videos as a new post. That’s all I wanted so the app gets 1 star. If you’re looking for an easier way to view detailed post analytics, it’s great but I can already find all that easily.

Why are facebook’s services a kafkaesque bureaucracy palace? What appears on screen differs from platform to platform God knows why and even if I try and change something the automatization of the process on mobile platforms makes it impossible to aftually manage multiple accounts/pages. You need tons of different permission for tons of different things and you need to get them by digging waaaaaaay deep inside the setting which, as I previously said, differ. All I wanted was to post from pc.


Why does Facebook keep meddling with the way we engage with our audience without making the experience simpler? A few weeks back it was incredibly complicated to schedule posts and now we need a separate app? At least give us the option rather than forcing us to use this. Oh, and the app itself is pretty shoddy – several posts showing as being posted several times (they weren’t) with 0 engagement, clogging up the feed.


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facebook old version https://facebook.en.uptodown.com/android/versions

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