Learn English simply by applying Andy English


English is a business language, so it is ranked as the first language in the world to be popular and educated. The number of people wanting to learn it is increasing by the day. It is a language that is widespread and relatively easy to learn compared to other languages.

Those who want to learn English no longer need a teacher in class. With help from the Internet and apps, English can be easily mastered, away from the lesson routine, by uploading the Andy English app to your smartphone or tablet.

Andy English application features in English learning

  • It has a chat learning program, as well as language and word rules.
  • The application includes educational games that help master English. It’s through these games that you can learn new words and language rules.
  • The app offers you interactive lessons on a daily basis, through simple daily conversations, such as greeting and asking questions about everyday business and weather.
  • The app provides dialogues on different topics such as art, film, travel, etc.
  • The application provides a brief explanation of English grammar.
  • It has the advantage of answering correctly and explaining why it’s true.
  • The app also corrects some errors in your messages during chat.
  • The app gives you an explanation about words you don’t understand. It provides examples to help you understand and remember some words.
  • The app reminds you of the need to review the words you learned before you forgot them.
  • Through the app you can chat between 5 minutes and 5 hours.
  • It is also characterized by listening and the correct pronunciation of the word through audio recordings.
  • You can talk to the app so you feel more comfortable and not embarrassed when you’re wrong.

How to download the Andy English application

The application can be downloaded from Google Play, or through clicking a button

Anyone willing to learn English can develop their language skills through the Andy English app, where you can follow your own program, organize program listening times and learn from them. Having such programs makes it easier. In their spare time, anyone can open the program, speak English and learn it without confusion or embarrassment in case someone is shy.

The application was also very useful for people who did not wish to go to special courses, or to language institutes, so such an application was necessary and very useful.

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