Learn German in a variety of wonderful ways through only one application


Many people coming to Germany again do not know where to go to learn German quickly, or at least to strengthen the German language next to the German language course or even before the course can prepare well and learn some basics, in order to start the course and there is even a little knowledge that is better than nothing.

It is also known how difficult the German language is compared to English, for example, so the German language needs more time in learning and more effort as well, but no problem I invite you not to worry, as it is not that difficult that they speak, this is according to my personal experience after I finished learning German

Learn German in this App is divided into several sections, including:

Learn words in the German language, this App contains more than 3500 German words that you can learn all through the App , of course there is always renewed content and words renewed periodically.

Learn the language through interactive flashcards that show you some questions and some ideas for learning the language and strengthening it, for example cards with questions and answers yes or no.

Also, there is a beautiful way to learn, which is by practicing writing words so that a question consisting of scattered letters comes to you and you have to form words from them, and this in itself is a good and powerful task that makes your level in the language escalate very quickly in a short time.

Learning definition tools is very important in the German language and is almost more important than learning words because the article or definition tools for nouns are conjugated according to the time of the sentence or the position of the noun from the sentence or its grammatical state, for example there are definition tools DER in Akkusativ mode it turns into DEN and in the case of Dativ it turns into DEM and also in the case of Genitiv it becomes DES and this is very important because the use of the wrong articulate conjugation can completely change the meaning of the sentence Or make it completely incomprehensible.

Gradient in the difficulty of the level of learning the German language so that words, sentences and difficult training tools are gradually subtracted, starting from the easiest to the most difficult, and of course according to your interaction with the content is determined level, where if your answers are wrong and you have not mastered a stage, you will not move to the higher stage.

There are, of course, a lot of features that we can’t mention here in one short story, you should explore the full features when you use the app.

Download the Tobo App to learn German from Google Play and Apple Store

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