Translator Voice Translator, English translation into all languages


With great technological development and the presence of smartphones the world has become a small village, various interpretation applications have facilitated many of the obstacles to our communication with others because of the language barrier.

Whether you’re a businessman, a student of studies, a tourist or even an immigrant, those apps made communication faster without resorting to an interpreter.

One of the most popular applications is Voice Translator, which helps you translate in all its forms, whether to translate text, translate images, and translate sound, is a universal application in the translation world, and makes it easier for you to translate without having to copy and paste text where it gives you immediate audio translation.

Audio Translator Application Features

  • The quick translation of any language around the world, whatever its accent, from both African and Asian dialects, will provide you with a direct verbatim translation.
  • Translating any sound that removes the language barrier, and makes you feel self-confident anywhere different from your language, you only have to record the voice and it will give you immediate translation.
  • You can also write any script on the chat and then translate it via the program and send it.
  • Text translation, you can put any text on this app and translate it in the way you want either text or audio recording.
  • Translating the images thanks to the scanning feature, you can translate whatever text is on the board on the street or anywhere else but put the camera on it and it will give you the translation directly, as well as translating any text on the image you have.
  • About 100 languages, including Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Russian, French, Spanish… Because it’s equipped with the latest algorithms that help discover text.
  • The app is light. It doesn’t require a large memory mobile, and it’s easy to use.

Download Application

  • Search the application via Google Play or you can download it by clicking on a link
  • And then click to install and then open.
  • The audio translation application will give you several options: audio translation, camera translation, and conversation.
  • Now the app is ready to use both text and sound.

The audio translator application is cross-cutting in a single application, giving you the required audio translation, whether text, chat, audio or image translation, without having to be available

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