Learn German words easily; speak German fluently


German is the third language in the world in terms of the number of people who want to learn it, because Germany has great opportunities and has opened its doors to many immigrants, and German culture is well developed and advanced in science and thought, and thus an incentive for anyone who wishes to master German. With the spread of educational applications via the Internet, language learning has become easier for those who wish to do so.

One of the applications available for learning German is Bravolo-Language Learning, which allows you to learn German through your smartphone.

Application Features

  • It contains a lot of German words and words used in everyday life.
  • It contains a spoken program where the intern clicks on whatever phrase he wants to hear.
  • The application teaches German sentences and vocabulary in a sequential and easy way.
  • If the app spells words and vocabulary quickly, the apprentice must only click on the tortoise icon, so that the application will repeat the pronunciation more slowly.
  • The app has a recording program, which helps the intern listen to his words and phrases.
  • There’s no need when you work on the app to connect to the Internet.
  • The application can record sounds and reboot them.
  • In case you’ve recently arrived in Germany and not yet fluent in German, you can use the app to pronounce simple words in everyday life at the market and restaurant…
  • The application has the character zoom or miniaturize the font size.
  • Learning is provided without interruption. There are no ads.

What words does the app teach to learn German?

  • Common and everyday terms.
  • Emergency phrases, romance, shopping, eating.
  • figures, weather, trends, transportation, colors and time.
  • Fruit, animals, places, jobs, transportation, driving…

Download App Learning German

  • You can find the application through Google Play or by clicking the download button
  • Click on the installation. It will take a few minutes to download the application and then click on the opening.
  • Right now you can open the app and start learning German.

Learning German has become available through smartphone apps, saving you time and effort in attending expensive classes and courses, but you just download the app on your smartphone and persevere in attending and repeating its classes and listening well to the way words and phrases are spoken. The app gives you the most important words you’ll need in your daily life.

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