What good is a VPN lite when it doesn’t even do its job?this is one of the best VPN applications i have used so far. the 2 hours timing is just perfect. in case u forgot to turn it off it will disconnect after 2 hours which saves mobile data and battery. App Is Good and Fast but have problems like Dns leaks and ip leaks are detected. also webrtc leaks too. Secondly it do hide my ipv4 ip but my ipv6 public ip is still exposed.

This app vpn lite helps me a lot since I got it but recently I was having problems . The app was always disconnecting me so I downloaded it again and it’s working now but I hope it won’t happen again. I don’t understand this app self 🙄🙄,

I thought I will be able to use it for free download after connecting 😡, behold it was my data bundle that I have been using all this while, thinking that it is the sucking app, yes it connected but why was they deducting my data, 300 mb gone lyk dat, why na. Well truth is it’s the best from what i’ve used so far my problem is that i’ve been blocked from using 500mb by my network provider can you try and improve on that…besides that i give it 5 stars. It was cool at the beginning but now it’s messing up a bit,though;kudos to the developers they respond quickly to their clients complains.

It takes forever to connect the vpn and it only lasts for 30 minutes at a time. Unfortunately, it’s the only vpn I’ve found that will work on my phone. This VPN is awesome and funny enough, it’s the free version I’m using and I’m getting maximum satisfaction….I wonder how exceptionally the paid version would be. This VPN rocks….go ahead and download it now.A massive hog on CPU and RAM resources, the APP terminates the moment I open a web browser. It also slows down everything on the device to crawl.


So It Doesnt Offet Full privacy and i have Eye over it.Have had this installed for a while but never used it. Today a YouTube video I wanted to watch happened to be blocked in the UK. So I recalled having this VPN, enabled it and tried again. The video played the full 44 minutes with, surprisingly to me, no buffering at all. This is now a definite keep! Thanks 🙂

A True Userfriendly VPN app without any scam and it works and there are ads but it’s only for 5 seconds when starting and the rest of the time you can enjoy free browsing without restrictions…..please don’t ruin this one with unnecessary updates like other good VPN apps which started well but went downhill overtime.Unstable garbage..

I’ve used this app since january it was good until february where the app started being garbage. Hong Kong servers aren’t that good anymore where I need it because I’m playing a mobile game in china. I’m gonna stop my subscription if the service is not the gonna improve.I doubt this app does much encrypting accept it claims it – many people, and developers, claim they or their products do something to benefit – some times it takes years to see they’ve been scamming the public, or their users.

If encrypted, not by much – my Iap barely changed locations – ads every place I turned – so as a so-called free service, why am I slammed with useless ads? Free to me, should me free to you! Fair is truly fair, if I don’t pay – why should you benefit, I haven’t!I’m aghast no one’s written a review for Just VPN yet! 24 hrs. after installing it I’m not switching APN settings & shopping for boosters.

Just VPN delivers EXACTLY what their company promises: 100% free VPN; FEW ads; several countries from which YOU choose besides the U.S.; NO lag/down time! My mobile data speed increased more than 3x what it was & NO I’M NOT BEING PAID TO WRITE THIS:) but I’m not screaming @ my cell either:) TY Just VPN-how refreshingly special!This is the best VPN lite app on android I’ve tried. It’s easy to use, fast, it allows you to connect from locked region with just watching ads, and also the ads won’t bother you unless you open the app (this last part has always annoyed me so much f



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