All correct with tik vpn but I am not a Premium Member. If it’s Disconnected after 19minute I feel very Irritating . Ovarall It’s best VPN.I had looked for so long for a VPN that would let me use Netflix from Thailand for free, because I was trying to get a certain series that was only availible in Thailand and Hong Kong,

and while Hong Kong’s server detected the tik VPN, I connected to Thailand’s, and downloaded the whole series. My only complaint is that it’s not entirely user-friendly and a bit difficult to use. I still get to watch all three anime seasons of Danganronpa on Netflix, so I think a little problem like that is nothing.
This is most useful VPN of all the others available in app market,

it connects with lightning fast speed in just a click and there are many authentic servers available, I highly appreciate and recommend to everyone.Pros: Cheap Cons: 1. UI is not userfriendly. 2. There are a lot of networks on tik vpn but nothing gets Speed. 3. Slow connection. Even my free vpn can get the speeds upto 3MBps. Totally waste of money. I’ve deleted the app within 2days after I bought 1month subscription for Rs.220.

Please use vpn instead like Turbo vpn, secure vpn apps. They are a lot better than this app and free too.i gotta say this app is awesome… When you are new it will give you free premium membership for few days so you may assure wheather this app is legit or not… Whats the best thing that it allows you to use it everyday even when your trail is over ,around 20 mins free, for few times a day….. Awesome app gonna suggest it to my other friends too…

thanks Dev. for such a great app..im trying to create an account but there is a problem with verification code. I’ve entered my E mail ID, it says the verification code has been sent, but i haven’t received any Verification code as a mail. i tried it more than 10 times, still i haven’t received the verification code. can’t able to use this app.
Using from last one year. Major bugs fixes within a week 💉😁 No issues so far. And best part is no Ads. These developers takes uses privacy as serious concern. But only thing is, little bit slow when playing 250p videos. If you don’t know what 250p is ,

trust me you’re going to heaven 😂😅Good app but limited usage after trial period. The connection up to 3 times with 20 minutes each is too forceful for the paid plan. // *Update in response to App dev* I’m afraid I cannot rate you 5 stars without any of your effort spent just yet.

best VPN app i’ve ever seen it’s give you 14 days free trial and you don’t have to get subscription to get 14 days free trial and after that u can still use this app but in time limits the time limits divided in 3 parts and each of the part u can use it for 20 mins and you can do your work what work is it in that 1 hour and also I’d like to thanks to this app craters who builds such an amazing app tik vpn.

A small change,i agree with what devoloper said,and its a very good app,very fast and secure connection,and yes free for some time.and to make sure it is not like other apps,other charges you some money,but you are getting some free time with this app. greatest vpn app i have seen ever in my life….i think you should increse the time of free trail…because of everybody can’t afford the money of subscription..

its the fastest connecting vpn ever…it just took 1 sec to connect to any free server and there are 40-50 free servers…just amazing service fly vpn..can’t register. i didn’t get that verification code after checking my spams and email services. customer service is very poor. and there is no option to verify with phone number. worst app i have ever seen before.i am verry verry disappointed by the experience with fly vpn and tik vpn.

it shows “varification code successfully send to the email” but i didn’t get any codes yet tried again ang again and again.. but no hope of code.. so i failed more than 30 times to register on fly vpn.. i tried different emails resended mamy times.. i am really disapoointed..


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