• your freedom apk has Fantastic features. Free trial with no information requested by FREEDOME…a TRUE free trial with TRUE no obligation. Only one on internet I have found with this. 11 out of 10. Thank you for developing a great app and letting my try with no strings attached. Obviously I signed up. I just felt no pressure and signed purely upon the apps own great merits. GENNAVIVE from WIGAN IN U.K.Edit 15 Jan. Still no sign of an update that solves the battery drain on Nokia 7 plus. Even tho’ I’m rationing the use of Freedome it still accounts for 45% of battery use in a given period. This is not good. Edit. 21 Apr. Despite updates the battery drain remains ridiculously high, according to GSM monitor. Even turned App Security off. Definitly not a VPN i could renew since i want something i can run for more than an hour without having to consider a recharge.

Looks like they have dropped the ball. Unable to watch UK tv channels for some days now. No response to the many people from your freedom apk currently complaining about it on their forum. Thankfully my subscription is just coming up for renewal !! Time to go elsewhere. RESPONSE TO FREEDOM REPLY. BBC and C4 are refusing connections due to my location! I am signed up to and logged on to both of these services – so that’s not the issue.Very poor on android.

No good on Chromebook. Do not waste your money on this VPN. On Chrombook for some reason it doesn’t always connect to the internet. In most cases you have to reboot to get it to work. Second problem is it only works for so long with Android apps. After using with apps for so long it cuts off and won’t work anymore. You then have to uninstall to get it to work before it stops working again. No battery optermizer on chromebook. Not even in Android section.I didnt know it was free protection but other functions are for subscription, but now I know I dont have to subscribe when I am fairly poor but just pay a small mobile Data usage charge to still be protected as a VPN FOR FREE, IM GRATEFUL AND THATS EXCELLENT NEWS 4 ME. I feel safer knowing my data I.D. info and internet costs are secure. Thanks 4 ur fast email reply to my review which im happy to change from 2 to a big 5 stars.

Cheers thanks v.much guys n girls.👍👍👍Have used Freedome since Nov while I’ve been away. From Nov to Jan I would have given this 4.5 stars. Couldn’t fault it. However right now it’s at 1 star. Since the end of Feb the vpn has been pretty much useless. Whatever updates have been done has ruined it. The internet is unusable with Freedome turned on. Half the time it says ‘no internet connection’ and when it works it is as slow as dial up. Same on mobile data. Just tried the wifi with Freedome off and it’s fast and working.Good start, but now I cannot watch iPlayer at all ! Speed has also dropped dramatically (I’m sure with everybody home the server is busy) 70mb without, with VPN (London) 7-12. I hope you get this sorted.

Been using it for years without any issue on my Samsung Note3 until latest update. Can’t connect to any virtual location. Disabled Samsung Battery Optimizer, but still cannot be connected. What happened? Please help!I bought this for 3 years, and I hate it because, last 2 weeks it constantly disconnects after 30 second connection! I’m Linux user and i know how to work around stuff. I have Google this problem and it seems I’m not alone. What is the point of VPN when there is no connection at all to the server? Money totally wasted. No help is found. This is totally getting on my nerves. And i will make sure to post the same review all around the web!Works perfectly fine as a VPN, nice security options. More of a surface level VPN without a lot of options except country.

If you’re looking for an easy option for a VPN without your freedom apk much need of setup or gimmicking, this is for you. I am not an expert in security things, so no idea. Most importantly, it can’t fool Netflix into believing you’re from somewhere else, which is kind of a bummer, together with the lack of more advanced options that were sacrificed for simplicity, only 4 stars from me.Tried a few VPNs; some consume battery and resources, some constantly drop connection, some limit bandwidth or downloads, some are just way too expensive. F-Secure is none of these and is by far the best VPN out there. They have decades of experience in online security and are trustworthy and reliable. Great price too, annual subscription (after trial) was a no-brainer! Thanks devs :)I

Had AVG and it kept playing up most days so uninstalled it. This one is very in depth and does a good job on Android that is. It as blocked 24 attempts to track my movements online so for that I will subscribe. Scanning takes a while but is thorough in its checking. Definitely keeping this one. Cheers BestyVery reliable: Peace of mind for mobile banking users! Takes nothing for granted, scans new installed or existing Apps and reports impartially: Example: “privacy & device security could be compromised by ‘IoB mobile App’, ‘IndusInd Mobile App’,

while neither Google play protect nor other similar Security Apps report the threats of your freedom apk! Could give 10 stars.I’ve tried many VPN amps, And I was so disappointed. Then I tried “FREEDOM” and every since, I’ve be feeling Nothing but Confidence And Freedom. Try FREEDOME VPN AND YOU WILL TOO … FREEDOM VPN Does Exactly What It Said … So, Why Don’t You try “FREEDOM VPN, So you can Relax and feel safe and secure that your Privacy isn’t being Validated by Cyber Threats Hackers And Snoopers. KEEP UP THE “GOOD WORK “FREEDOM VPN UNLIMITED!!! A “Happy “Customer!! 😊 5 Stars.


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