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Not very accurate, it should display the position of car if you pause the replay option. Lets see what update does better

worst update ever… since last update it is not showing the location and stuck on loading location when you click on track location…
Too much issues with app and tracker also. Very poor responce of tpl technical team.i complaint regarding tracker issue before 4 days but technical tean not resolved my issue till now. This is repeated issue. Tpl tracker ap also not show current location. I complaint again and again. Issue has been resolved for some days or some time. But after some days again repeat old issues. I am very harmful with tpl.
 mobile app has improved a lot. I reinstalled it after a long time and saw great improvements. Best part is the Car History and details. Kudos to the tpl Web team 👍 Keep it up. Hope it keeps running well
Superb. Always helpful. I had hardware issue initially and was resolved quickly. Polite customer service. Recommended for all car users in Pakistan.
I want to download TPL tracker app but I don’t receive passcode from TPL application after giving mobile no and pin .plz help me out to download this app download
It doesn’t show street view the way some of the other companies and their applications show.. sometimes location is updated after half and hour or later than that. TPL gets fake signals of battery tampering through their device and they give stress to their clients by calling and asking them to check their vehicles. Sometimes their devices installed in vehicles not at all can provide any location info and despite of several times sending back your cars to them for checking, they’re failed. TPL shud seriously work on this. If they can’t work on providing proper and accurate location/information etc, these are the basic reasons everyone’s paying them.
Either Trakker itself or app hangs frequently…….car location is not updated for hours and sometimes days. wastage of money for real time monitoring of the vehicle…. your technical team has already used its expertise thrice..they are unable to solve the problem. I m not interested in getting my dashboard opened for the fourth time. It has already loosen up and making lot of noise while driving. the purpose of trakker was to make life easy and not to sit at your service center every otherday
In the start it asks for your number and password. Does not send back any code by SMS. I’m a customer and use their web track. But this sucks. It used to work but after the update it has become useless.
I am using this app and tpl services for almost last 20 days. Some times poll doesn’t work. Secondly I suggest that this app should be capable of making monthly reports
its very good and information able app.i am very impressed with apps because its informed me everytime my car location with 100% .thanks TPl apps ..but i like more advanced .
it never sends any sms on my cell and keeps prompting me the activation code sent to my cell via sms, the sms which i never receive
Received alert regarding my car position at super highway but car was outside my home. Can’t rely on your GPS.
my fon tach is damage so that’s way I kept it on rotation and ur app has no rotation option can u do this on rotation
its totally disgusting and useless tracking service ,i got my car stolen just because of their faulty tracker ..fighting with them in consumer court .beware guys
wonderfull app meri gari me TPL tracker laga hoa ha or ye exact location or information deti ha app amazing thank u
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