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I love this app of vpn proxy master for pc. I have been using it on my iphone for two years now and will not hesitate to renew come november 30th. On android, it is the only vpn that allow me to login to my walmart money card account outside the US. It is highly recommended. My only issue is that it does not offer me the option to subscribe to premium for one year, only monthly i would want that in place so to enjoy some peace of mind.

Hi Glenn, so happy to hear that you like our product. Sorry that we are not support subscription type change for now. But you could cancel your monthly plan first, then subscribe the annual plan when your monthly one is end. Thank you so much for your support! Wish you have a nice day : )))


Been using this overseas since im deployed it works great, only problem is that I’m subscribed to the premium service, it says I can like 5 devices to the account, I’m not even able to set a second one up. It’s my macbook. So I’m a little upset
Hi, dear user thank you for your feedback. With regard to your question, we don’t support the linking of devices from the Android system to the iOS system, also from iOS to macOS. Here’s a download link for the Mac version https://tinyurl.com/y3w27r2s Thank you for your support
Probably the best VPN out there. Not just because it’s FREE. (and the ads aren’t even that bad.) But it works very well I don’t recommend buying the premium version though. It doesn’t seem worth it. But the best premium VPN option. download
I’ve tried a number of similar rival apps but the “VPN Proxy Master” is the best of them all. Keep up the good work.
I’m amazed about vpn proxy master, it actually does what it’s SUPPOSED to do! When I first got this app out of desperation, I assumed it wouldn’t work. I’ve come to expect nothing for free. But, sure enough, it works flawlessly.
I have paid for one month Rs 80. I get speed results maximum speed is 1200 kbit per seconds Our telecom service has better speeds connections This VPN can not meet our Udalguri Area Max ms more than 160 in FREE FIRE game… I want Get back my Rs.80. It is called VPN all data charges apply from Telecom Service I Understood After Finished My Internet Pack and vpn proxy master for pc

Amazing VPN, I had problems with it in a recent update, but I turned my phone’s power saving mode off and it started working just fine. It’s free, the free servers are very fast, no intrusive ads, works great. By far the best free VPN out there for mobile devices. Very glad this exists, the providers are very generous to give us free and secure VPN servers without negative consequence and with no intrusive ads. Makes me want to buy premium servers just to support the generosity of the publishers.

I have only had this VPN service for 3 days now ,but I really like it so far ,ok I’ve had this app for a week now, and my first impressions of this service ,were correct , I can safely say that this is one of the best apps in play store ,I do have 1 complaint though. I wish it had a server here in the States ,.the closest server is in Canada ,which is a minor complaint . I just hooked up to it ,and it has to American servers on the free side ,1 in New York and the other in San Francisco .

This is one of the worst vpns I’ve ever used . It says ” it seems the servers are sleepy ” . I wouldn’t ever recommend this app to anyone .

I tried 5 other vpns and this one is the best one. The other ones only work with a strong internet connection this one works with everything including poor connections

telenor free internet


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