Good, free SkyVPN. Works well for security and going through WiFi network restrictions all while being COMPLETELY free. The UI is easy to use, but the only reason I did 4 stars is the notifications that pop up notification telling you to use their ‘premium traffic’. Other than that, it works very well….


It used to work really well SkyVPN, was my go to VPN, and now, it crashes upon startup, have reinstalled, updated, cleared cache, deleted other vpn’s as they may have conflicted, it just didn’t change anything, would love to have a fix, as this is the best VPN, but as an LG G7 user, I can’t give more than

Thanks for your feedback. It would be great if you could specify your issue or feedback by sending an email to support@skyvpn.net , our support team will reach back to you at the earliest convenience. Thank you for your support and understanding.

all wo say that this app is fake or the supporters is liar…. guys is not like that, i am a customer who i have this app since May, yes i bought premium, but its working with free version too, and if somebody said that this app isn’t working or is slow you are wrong, this app the minimum speed is 1Mbp/s and its really fast for 4g sim card, but i am waiting for the 5g network because it will a huge speed like minimum on 5g is 50mbp/s on a sim card! thx for understanding. Respect for this app


It was going well, but since yesterday when I watch a video to get premium megabytes. I don’t get any. If this issue could be resolved then I will not have any other problems. Edit: Thank you the problem has been partially fixed but better something than nothing.

Im gonna give it two stars because alot of the time the vpn glitches out and says i used my 600mbs when i had just gotten up and started it, after an hour the von would shut off and not work for me, i would love to have this fixed but i dont know, other people would say, pay for premium but i rather save money and have it free when i specifically only use it an average of 4 to 5 hours a day

It did happen occasionally due to bad local network conditions. We strongly recommend you try it again. If the problem still persists, it mainly results from policy restrictions in your region. For more issues, you could please contact us within SkyVPN (tapping the question mark on the upper right corner). Our team will check for you. Thanks a lot!


skyvpn isA very good and useful app but i face a problem since 3 days ago It doesnt connect i delete it and I downloaded the update but its doesn’t work when i press connect it show me a msg “we are trying to find the best servers ” i hope you fix it ASAP becausr i really need that app in my life And thankd for the good service . download

I don’t know why the supposed MB you are supposed to get after completing a task is not given. I have referred over 3 friends with the link given me. The guys all downloaded the app, using the link I sent, but no rewards were given. I also completed an offer (downloaded a game, plus the additional files) which was supposed to give me some +5414 MB but nothing has shown. Please credit me with the MBs cos liars suck


Wow the app was nice till it started to say I have a “limit reached” and basically makes you wait/force you to pay. Yes I know that but every time I do try to complete one of the “offers” it still says I have to wait a day or two because I’ve used all of the data.
my telenor old version download

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