100% free  turbo VPN! High VPN speed! The best unlimited free VPN clients for android. this is the best vpn in the world Turbo VPN – Free VPN proxy, connect as a hare to unblock sites, WiFi hotspot secure and protect privacy.
Fastest – Connect successfully as a hare with high VPN speed heavyu s.
Easiest – One tap to connect to free VPN proxy server.
Most Stable – Have lots of free vpn cloud proxy server to provide better net and VPN service.

Tried to use the free service; however, a “connection request” pop-up appears asking permission to monitor network traffic. There are two apparent options: cancel and ok. The issue is that the “ok” option does not work. Nothing will happen when trying to select ok, but cancel works just fine. It is not a touch sensitivity issue, nor a proximity issue with the screen. It is simply an option that is not selectable. Basically, unusable if you want to try the free servers.
This is a joke. I paid for a 12 month subscriptions and after a month I no longer have access to the paid version? I am being directed to pay again. What kind of scam is this I want my money back and will be looking into legal recourse Update. The developers are a joke as well, blame every thing else apart from their own terrible app and support. Yes I have checked all my network settings. Yes I have done completed all preliminary checks to ensure the problem does not lie with my connection
Does not work. Edit: I try to connect from Egypt and i wait till for the bunny to load and when it does, says couldnt connect try again something like that. Downloaded another vpn worked from the first time. Edit2: I was in Egypt for a week and can no longer test it there. Tried it in my home country and it works. Will leave it a 3 star since I really like companies that have active customer support, but still it did not work when I needed it.

UPDATE: TurboVPN promptly reached out and solved this issue. Best value for a great VPN with a robust sever selection. Paid for a month. Worked great. Paid for a year. Immediately went downhill. Trouble connecting constantly, and STILL GETTING ADS! download

Tried to use this “VPN” as last ditch effort to deal with my bank while I was on vacation in Thailand. Literally every app I checked it against didnt show an updated location of being back in the States also PayPal website keep redirecting me to it’s Thailand based page even when I had the VPN active. Sooooo yeah 1 star

i downloaded this app as i was unable to access a webpage to download an sfx file missing from a video game file. this was an instant fix. i downloaded that file just moments ago. thanks to turbovpn. even though i have used to only once i am sure this app deserves 5 stars. Thanks developers👍
CHEATS… FRAUDS….Making FOOLs out of us. They say we can have VIP access of upto 5 devices by one subscription. I already have VIP subscription on one device, now the app on others dont even allow me to login. Furthermore, despite two emails to their technical team no one even bothered to respond back neither with a positive nor with a negative feedback.

Usefull overall the setting for basic is great i think this can go far i think for most for being simple and safe instead of like other vpn being not simple to use just to take your ip on the other hand this also a free use app witch makes it even perfect i do think there can be more opt for this app i hope see this app improve more even more for safer settings and more customization.

Why does this only happen to me when I download something from Google Play and deliver a good review? Worked great until 2 days ago. Now keeping the VPN on all the time and automatically when I connect won’t turn off. I have to uninstall it and reload.
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