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Easy user interface, relatively quick servers, 10/10 would definitely recommend. Update : Date is 4 Jan 2019. Still using it. Servers are even faster. User interface seamless. App doesn’t force huge banner ads on you every 30 mins. Doesn’t force u to buy premium either. Totally love it. Please support them everyone. Continued update. Got a Xiaomi note 8 pro because I trashed my Samsung note 9 and app works flawlessly. I have been using this VPN religiously. Date as of now is 6th November 2019.
Four ads before you can start and two of you want to log out! I understand this is free and you have to earn money. But I should be able to quit a session immediatly and not having to wait. Also your ads at the end cost me data. I have no frigging control of my data if I can’t close the app at the time I want. That’s an absolutely no go and therefore 1 start is wrll deserved.
I generally don’t mind apps with ads, but lately this app has had ads that blare music, etc. before you have a chance to lower your volume. Very annoying when in public. Actually, very annoying everywhere. Sorry – will be looking for another VPN app. And, no, I don’t want to upgrade to a paid version.
VPN does not seem to work when a proxy has been enabled. This may be due to technical difficulties that an up update can’t fix. And I fully understand if that is the case. But, if you can fix it I would greatly appreciate it 😊.
This is the best you can cheat on any game that you want to cheat on okay. And you can gorgeous in any game and it will show you and it will give you a lot of coins and a lot of diamonds and a lot of monsters like I had a million and millions and millions and millions of diamonds.
For the first time i am using the apps is good af. But when I want to use it again, it’s can’t connect and always saying “server is full”. So I must uninstall this to find another Good Vpn.
Although sometimes after connected will get lag, maybe its just location issue, but using it to dl some location restricted app is well enough. Ads that are disruptive and it noticable slowed down my connection. Took a long time to open a web page.
I don’t know why it does not connect and keep showing busy time auto retry until connected and it doesn’t connect either Please reply regarding this. VPN Monster what happened in new updates ?! You totally destroyed whole app :/ doesn’t work in my phone now (Galaxy S10+)
I requested a refund as this app does not work in china even worse they email you instructions and reply to you with supposed methods how to get your refund but Google play says no refund can be given for this purchase.
I sent a report lately with my other account about problem with Galaxy S10+ … I just wanted to say this problem is fixed now .. since you said you’re going to fix it, I kept checking it and finally I could connect with new update today👏 although I still can’t connect easily with using wifi as always but it’s really the best for mobile network👍 I’ll edit my other rate to the 4 star.. 1 is out for hard connecting to the wifi.. such a hard working team .. thank you
Got it all set up and the app told me I was all clear and good to go but naw. All the torrent sites told me otherwise. Every site I visited told me MY ip address exact location so it doesnt do s**t to hide your a**. Glad I didn’t buy the pro version.The canadian server needs more improvements.. it slows down and disconnected by itself after a while but i dont see any problems with my wifi connection, etc.download
It’s one of the few vpns that provides a secured conection in IRAN the other ones just disconect after a few minutes but this one’s conection last long Good job You nailed it. Really like this app, it masked your location, not that I have anything tp hide but it’s good to know you are protected online from hackers and etc.
Hi all, I’m paying for this app to be able to use it in a great way, however it’s very very bad and doesn’t work at all. now I feel that I’m wasting my money as I pay for no service. if there was less than one star I would give it.
Free VPNs don’t exist. Nope. Edit upon request. Stars moved from one to 3 because of developer concern. Leads me to believe they may improve upon app. Developer, I thought it was a bit ad swamped and didn’t do much at all on the free version. I am fine with my phone being swamped to the gills with ads if VPN works well because you have to make money to make it work well for free users that is ads. I did not try your paid things as I have Nord currently. I CAN NOT REVIEW THE PAID SERVICES.
7 days free trial great job. 10th day after vip subscribtion it stopped connecting to server. Says server are busy try later. I m trying for five days. How come one app goes great to worse. I did email you guys through help in ur app. Was i using too much that it stopped. You said unlimited Subscribtion. Hope u guys have solution for me
It was good until it got blocked in China. Can’t connect with the staff neither inside the app nor through Facebook (messages are didabled for the FB page). Paid for the yearly plan, used for about 3.5 weeks. Now don’t know whether the app will run again or not, amd whether I’ll get refunded or not. UPDATE: I contacted you guys 3 days ago. Still no reply from you. Will be waiting forward to hearing from you 🙂 Update 2 (28.07.2019): still no email from them… What is GPA? Google Play Account?
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