Definitely just made this app so much better great work the app is absolutely astounding,nothing wrong I found stability is on point been connected for five hours longest time ever for me on any VPN app I’ve used,great work developers. Very good apps.. Perhaps a proper explaination for dummy to make it wonder.. Eg how to create ssh, how to create shadowsock, how to pair it with custom vpn server n etc.. This apps have very good potential to grow better then standard options of what other vpn could offer.

very good app. i thank you. but i have a request from you. can you add socks4 proxy option yo app ? in my location (iran) somtimes government blocked internet traffic , we need to use sock4 proxy to connect to ssh servers. if you add socks4 option , its very helpfull now, only http proxy exist inside app.

This use to be the best Payload generator in the world…but now it has many problems..Since cellc didn’t connect anymore th ratings of this amazing app did drop…I’m deeply disappointed..Don’t give guides to generate a payload…this is more like a money making app…so all I’m asking let cellc connect like it was before.

This app is a great tool when used properly and need to manage your network while you are mobile and need access to a platform that is adaptable to your environment.the best apps, i just have 1 question, why is it that if i use the ssh domain name log have an error and cant connect but if i use ip address on the ssh account i can connect, but before 2 updates i can use either domain or ip, please check what if the problem with the app but overall ts good.The ip for the connected device keeps changing every time I use hotshare. This is a problem for me because I have to keep entering the new ip everytime I want to connect.i just bought the pro version of this app, even though it has same features, but I use this app most of the time, so in my way of appreciation to support the developer i did bought it. thank you and keep it up.


i love this app, the only reason i gave you stars is how the ad popup, i know and i understand why you guys using ad on this app, but can you change how the way the ad pop up it’s so frausrating.I love this http injector vpn. It helps me a lot when it comes to reporting at my office hours. Thankyou and more power!Awesome app really helps me with data but maybe u guys can help me cause I am unable to play online games with it but other vpn like anoytun allows to.

It’s good but after I update this app, it is crazy it’s needs proxy I don’t know why but when I share this app to my friend it’s needs a server we don’t know what to do.. I searched in YouTube but there is no tutorial on this update.

Excellent App! But the matter I’m upset about is, there is no user guide on how to use this app.which option means what?what to mark on payload generator page and what one not? Most of the users(me too) don’t really understand the exact process of making payload.So I hope that developers of this app will make complete tutorial on how to use this app mainly on how to generate payload based on different bug host (for no specific SIM Operators/ISP,it should be worldwide download English]

Easy to use VPN app that provides swift internet connection, but there’s always this issue of ‘public key auth available – inactive and Cannot authenticate – incorrect user name or password | Please contact config author for new username/password’ minutes after a new default payload is downloaded.

I’m grateful to have this app. I already used this app for a long time. But i think new updates messed up something. After I update the app, it constantly disconnects for a few minutes. Doesn’t disconnect on the status though but I know I’m not receiving a download data. It is different from the previous version.

This app has helped me critically! Nigerians know how data can consume quickly!! – At first I didn’t understand the configuration but now am super cool with it! It doesn’t consume battery so much but another problem is that it connects and offs on its own! – You guys would wanna check that part. This app is very useful,especially to students like me,I can easily browse in case of some research,to those who made it,you are very useful person in the community,and one thing,you can save money by this thank you very much “Http Injector”

A very good and easy to use app, easy as well to create own ehi file, connects well when configured well. Since it was developed for professionals, amateurs must just sit down and rely on importing configs from other users.

this app is a nice way to get your stolen money back from network providers who offers promo but doesn’t let you enjoy their promo because of the speed of their Internet service.love it which it was faster ,difficult to set up i have to pay someone to do it all the time and then they lock the information so i cant do it myself ,but i enjoy using it to do my researches ,watch movies and CNN.

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