pakistan vpn mod apk


The app is functional, but somethings need improvement. First is the overall UI design, how the fonts look and overall stability, the green font on green background are not clearly visible so fix that. Lastly the manual selection of area is not working. Hope you take these issues into consideration.

wow wonderful i really cannot explain how much I’m happy. My beloved country is also working on technology. Really superb application. And its working brilliantly that’s sounds very great to listen.How to use this app. I want to open blocked website’s on UC browser or chrome but it is not working.

I have installed many vpn but trucaller is not worked. But working with Pakistan VPN. Nice app for Pakistani users.it still shows notification when notification is closed and the app is exit properly. will give 5 stars if it is fixed.

so far so good, I am very pleased. Most vpn that I’ve tried all of them turn off even when you don’t have the internet on. But this one is different, you out shine them all.

why these vpn.s are only work for 2 days ? hate this app if you don’t know how to fix this issue that’s mean you must not allow to make these stupid apps !

some say that it doesn’t connect some say that Pakistan server isnt available in my college nearly all vpn are blocked including hotspot and express vpn i found this one helpful bcz it is one of those few which do the job moreover it gives good ping for pubg

some times its hard to connect and sometimes after connection internet doesn’t work. but its better than other VPN. Pakistan Zindabad 💚excellent service it like to much pakistan vpn is not hanging not voice tribal awesome.

Good vpn but chrome may slow downloading karta hai.or ye har vpn ka problem hai

very good app keep it up every thing is good but ik problem ha ads wali agar ye khatm ho jee to ye best apo ha

ghanta pakistan vpn why our pakistani people’s manipulate always what they are why some ( Dash ) people think we just see pakistani flag and we must give them high max rate . no not at all i am not giving in those people’s who are lie or hide thing’s because of pakistani flag i love this flag and i respect this but my flag and my country law and rules not allowed me to telling lie’s . this VPN service providers are scammers cheaters manipulator. so every one has own choices .download

I don’t understand I set it on US area and it even says it is using a US proxy , but, when I went to the ” What’s My IP? It says that I am using a proxy from the Netherlands , please Dev. Explain! I just sent you a screenshot of what the What’s My IP says , on your email address. But it doesn’t matter I really do love this app it really does work unlike so many other” free ” VPNs on play store .

This app was working fine but after this new update not working at all.. done with all recommended stuff but still not working. Recent update destroyed this application… giving 4 stars only for app before recent update.


After the update the app disconnects and keeps reconnecting and cant use troubleshooting it 10 times but same thing if I close the app and then it connects . it’s always offline I have to disconnect 2many time to get a stable connection

THIS IS THE BEST VPN EVER!!!! This VPN is basically the only one that works. I’m surprised by how fast it works who ever had the idea of making this you did an AWSOME! job.it’s hard to connect alway telling that press troubleshoot then disconnected then connect then again telling to press troubleshoot again. then loop.loop loop loooooooop. WASTE OF TIME!!


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