Only way to advance past the basic levels is to buy your way up. They kick you back to lower levels at the next season, which is each month. You must start over and play a lot or pay to progress to where you were. They slow one side of the game to give paying players an advantage and to keep them coming back. Crashes a lot, but reliable during games, which makes one wonder.

Great skill based gameplay, but the monetization is over the top. Classic EA. Lowering my review because I’m asked to rate, even though I have already rated the game. As I get better at the game, it becomes increasingly clear I must spend money to advance at anywhere near a reasonable rate. I will likely get bored of opponents way too high level for me before long.

Great version of C&C with clever adaptation to mobile. Dynamic and quick, perfect. BUT, after some time, you get set up only with “Challenge Battles”, meaning you’re playing against people who spent a lot of money on the game, and it becomes almost imossible to compete fairly, because opponents have stronger armies and units you don’t have access to. I’m level 7-9 across my units, and everyone I play now has 10-11 and loads of units that I can’t access but are too strong. Will have to delete.

The game feels like a huge money grab on the C&C franchise. You may experience some fun games as free to play but will soon realise that putting in some money is a requirement to keep having a fun experience as you need to level up your units with cards which you, ofcourse, get from a ‘loot box’. The game is repetetive to the max at the end and some units are obviously way stronger than others. Some units are completely useless and feel like an obstacle to get more cards from the ‘meta’ units.

Each time the updates hit, the dev’s think they’re adding balance, but what they’re really doing is forcing the game to evolve into a boring, annoying battle of the cheapest units being spammed as fast as possible. They invested in designing high tier weapons that they have forced out of the meta with their “balance” changes. Honestly, who’s grand idea was it to push toward battles of the most plain, boring and basic unit – the Rifleman, when there were so many great and badass units


I would appreciate a third harvester option more crystals on the field both sides. I have been playing for a great while. I think it would be amazing to have a commander on both sides that uses a four tile cluster bomb/grenade that has both reduced cost recharge time. One last thing please for the love of Nod, make a map with launch pads next to both bases and a launch pad top/bottom of the map. In my opinion this will help players engage. Instead of hiding behind troops set and waiting.


Opponents are rarely evenly matched. Victory/Defeat points seem to be arbitrary. The only real way to progress is to make a purchase. Lately, the server has been lagging so unit movement is impossible. EA says that every unit is available for free but that is a lie. This is absolutely a PAY TO PLAY game and the reviews are starting to show how crappy it’s become. Basically, dont waste your time with this.

Endless challenge battles against people with units trained and promoted to 3 levels higher than mine. What’s the point??? Very frustrating!!!! I can’t justify scoring this higher than one star and I normally score highly. Please add an option to allow people to play people who have the same level units as eachother.

After giving this game up for 3 months, I tried again. It’s gotten worse. First, it appears EA gave up on it- game is no longer in active development but in maintenance mode. download If EA was serious about the game, they’d develop new maps. Match making sucks as you are always matched with a higher level player (losing new players?) that have counters to your units. Used to be ~4.3 but now 3.9 and dropping. Another franchise EA screwed up. Want to play? Try for free but don’t spend your own money.


It’s ok, but don’t be mislead by the command and conquer naming, it’s nothing like the PC version. Maps are limited and very small. Battles don’t last long and the winner is normal the one who has spent ££££ on in app purchase which effectively speed up time. Update – even after giving this game a chance and spending a reasonable amount of money on in game purchases. I have reduced the star rating to 1, the reason, match making, makes the game pointless…now deleting.

I advanced to masters with a average level 9 units but the amount of whales in this game is just ridiculous And you also can run into players that intentionally keep one commander under-leveled so he can smurf with his level 12 across the board units and the game doesn’t treat that as a challenge match and i lose points. Progression is just too tied to monetization its impossible to recommend this game to anyone. Add more ways to level up my damn units to be able to play against better people and the game will be a lot better I advanced to masters just by doing 10 matches a day for the bounties so you can rely on skill and unit counters, but when you are 4 levels behind across the board unit counters and micro will not save you. I played for months as a free to play player and barely got to level 60 just recently and still have a lot of level 7 and 8 units, i don’t even want to do the math how much more time i will need to get competitive levels to be able to defend myself at least in masters not even counting tiberium league. The game is 3/4 pay to win and the last quarter is skill and micro. Overall bad progression design, no thought towards fair matches at all from my experience, need to play for MONTHS or pay a lot to be able to be competitive at a slightly higher level, event rewards very bad unless you win all the time, cloning lab is just a slap in the face of free to play people because you could clone exactly what card you want but for a real world price of course, one singular free clone-lab ( possibility to clone 1 card per day to get a few copies of it and you need 100’s not 20), you know how you get more labs? you guessed it premium currency, oh and also labs bought with PC are one time use and then they get destroyed after one use 🙁

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