Added more servers to plans. It’s better than some. Usable but still has quite a few ads. Recently it doesnt connect. Also don’t think with less than 5 stars I am not showing support. If users had the right to give no stars than that would be a lack of support. Time to improve. Don’t tell potential clients how to review your company. Improve or shut down. The service is now non existent. Doesn’t connect to any servers. Too many ads

Simple to use, risky to keep. It requests access to Calls, Storage, and Location. I don’t think it should need any of the stated above for providing a VPN service, and it seemed to work without those permissions. Fishy software, I’d prefer to avoid it.It actually works! No need to pay every year for like 50$. I can just get it for free and it really works. The worst thing about it is that there is a lot of ads but the app is definitely worth. 5 stars


Wanted to use japan server but the japan server is connected to other country server! Pls fix it! I wanted to watch BTS japan concert buti can’t. Before this it was fine 🙄🙄The upside is it’s free with unobtrusive ads & doesn’t choke the performance of my device so many others. On the other hand it disconnect itself in the middle of browsing which is especially problematic if you’re on public wifi which leaves your device open, NOT COOL. I have literally been at the coffee shop & been browsing away only to discover it has disconnected itself & I have no clue how long I’ve been unprotected. Fix this so it stays connected I’ll happily give it a 5* rating. Bonus if you can make it so it automatically connects when wifi is on.


I set it for the US and it still puts me all over the planet. Since when is Indonesia in the US? Shuts itself off from time to time. Lacks some basic functions like start on boot. A good addition to the app would be to turn on and off as the screen does to reduce battery usage. Biggest complaint is OBNOXIOUS ADS. Ads don’t need to be loud to be effective, and I’ve about had my limit of them. I know purchasing will stop ads, but this app has too many flaws to waste money on it.

Its a really great app, fast & reliable in times of urgent need. loved it! I don’t recommend updated version, this is the best.


That’s Good one but Suddenly it stops working in background plz solve this problem to avoid opening this app again and again which distrubs and insists to close all other apps to reopen or restart it.

Really this appk is so nice and fast app.this Vpn may help me many thing.It is help to play PUBG MOBILE .I will give this VPN 5 Star and u..The App is intersting.


For a free vpn this works really really well specially in China,but sometimes it cannot connect if your wifi signal or wifi traffic is weak…but for a free vpn it is smooth and doesnt have any lag ones you are connected it pushes on..compare to paid vpns this is excellent. download.nowdays this app is giving some problems to me i am unable to use it as because of this my internet server is getting down.Uses a lot of battery power and the pop up video ads are super annoying. That said the VPN function works as advertised and does not drop out at all. It is however difficult to shut down


Previously this app was really good. But after the recent update it gets disconnected after few seconds. I have disabled battery optimization. Still I am facing the same issue. Kindly help me solve the issue

Application is good particularly for quality audio call but consists of too much inappropriate content in the form of ads

Very good VPN function as expected, never had a problem until recently its started saying “connection failed, please retry”, it says this multiple times when I try to connect.

So far I’m really enjoying this app. it’s very easy to install it does a great job for you and so far there’s been no problem whatsoever so I definitely give this app . a 5-star rating! “Thank you very much” Sincerely With kind regards, Ronnie Reagan, Senior

This app used to work very well on my android phone. But now, when I want to connect, it tells me “your system do not support VPN module”. What does that mean? Can you help me fix it? Thanks!

oh my God it very fast easy to use and above all it does not disconect all the time like other vpns i love it. yiu out there fast vpn is the solution for your internet disruption. unlimited.

after installing the app…when i press to connect…a mssg pops up asking for permission and risk etc.. and im not abke to click the ok option in that messag box..I’ve tried enabling app permissions from my mobile settings..but nothing helps.. kindly give me a solution to.this problem

In china. Use some of the more premium vpns like Express but the bigger vpns are often targeted. So gave flash a try as a free alternative and very happy so far.

it just too fast. no hanging, no stopping. it works very smoothly on my refurbished phone.once install keep browsing no traffic. the best app.

I had bought the paid version of this app so that I needed to give a reset on the mobile phone and simply the app is no longer in google play store I do not think it is now, and that sucks the person to pay

Why the loud musical ads? I understand you need to generate revenue though ads, but do the ads HAVE to be with loud audio that pop up at the most inconvenient situations?

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