Good when it works but is very unstable and doesn’t have to be. The free desktop version has much better stability options, so it makes no sense for the smart device version to be so unstable and limited in it’s stability configuration options. Will give it 5 stars again when the free smart device option works as well as, and has the same settings options as the desktop version. Also, the desktop version needs more control for the split tunneling. It needs a way of naming specific websites.

I enjoyed the app at first and tated it 5stars. Now it wont keep signal since!! I emailed support and was told to , instead of finding one of the many similar free of charge apps, basically shell out some money for the “more stable connection “. How many of you guys buying that? I like the app for parts. I guess I’ll keep it for study purposes.

Previously it was the best. I advocated for it and had many of my friends install it. I know ads are the source of your revenue but come on you compromised with service, now it’s way too slow. I’m fine with ads but what’s the use if it slows down my internet speed. Sorry I’m uninstalling this app

A truly free and effective VPN that only shows a quick , non-intrusive(nonvideo) advert upon connection and again when you disconnect. All for unlimited access to fast, private browsing with the ability to choose your location. After using for over a year I can say this is the best.

Speed is increased that why we need super fast speed again update this app I give you again rate to this app but one condition when speed increased.

in my point of view this app is a very good method have the opportunity to have the music in Instagram storys and to do much more.


Great VPN that actually works and doesn’t force you to pay for premium. The ads are annoying, but they’re not long and you can close some of them right as they pop up, and hey, it’s free so it’s expected. Now I can finally use Instagram Music and I couldn’t be happier

very good app i like that its free and easy to use i saw a bunch of people complain about the ad thing but like u are getting fast and free vpn i mean thats the smallest thing we can do for the devs chill out people its not that its 10min or something sometimes its 15 sec what do u have to lose download

The app is very well built, the speed of the vpns are average for a free vpn. I would give it 5 stars but I just cant sense its such an ad heavy app. But the prices, there not bad wouldn’t say there the best but there good enough.

. In the free version ,There is now less server after the update and if you want to connect to each server you have to see 30 second long ad each time. I’m very disappointed about this. Before when i downloaded it was good, now it’s so bad. I am looking forward for your response..

It was an amazing app before. Now they got cocky and Astartes to manipulate the users. Now to connect to any VPN server you have to watch an compulsory. And it’s just one ad you accept to watch. After that there will be tons more ads. This app is no longer suitable and no longer recommendable.

fabulous app don’t have words to describe it’s beauty all those who wants to visit a particular site which is ban you can easily access it is free of cost plzz download it

I was using this app from months..but now is not working..it showing msg that “failed for local port busy try again” Help me out

this is the best VPN i have seen… less ads instantly connects and no issues while surfing the net. The money greed took over just to connect u have to watch 18 sec video plus it will fail to connect then watch again and same stupid stuff

Only just installed this, but I can’t set it up, ie, I click connect but nothing happens!? Very similar app, “inf VPN”, as opposed to “VPN inf” works perfectly(no In-app purchases) – downloaded VPN inf, hoping it might have been an update of the my first app – silly mistake – it isn’t, of course. Removing/uninstalling this – doesn’t work and I have one that’s already working.

works. use it. appears to protect location privacy. definitely give this application a go if you’re looking for free & non-registration app. *However, I do Not have the appropriate tools or know-how to check in about DNS leaks, or logging. this is the best free app I’ve used. if you can afford it: use a subscription based vpn, *with servers based outside of U.S.A. & the ‘five eyes’ allies ..OR you will not be getting what you pay for.

Absolutely brilliant VPN. Now I can pretend to go on holiday to all my favourite places like Norway, Uganda, and Grimsby. All I have to do is sit in my living room with several heavy suitcases pretending to be at an airport, connect the VPN and bang, I’m there. *I have never used this app.

Awesome. Thanks for the ability, to be privately browsing the web, even if I am connected to a Public Wifi, like Starbucks or a Public Library. With this, I’m still able to play my movies from other websites, that would be normally blocked by the Security Protocols in place.

Its quite a good app with unlimited bandwidth though it consumes a lot of data that will quickly drain your data plans

So far so good. Using since many months and the connectivity is flawless. Developers Pls. remove those annoying video ads which came in latest version, wastes lots of time. Although keep normal pop up ads, by that only revenue is generated for the company.

this VPN is seriously magical,almost every streaming service runs at full bandwidth and there seems to be no speed throttling. This comes from a Nord VPN user where many streaming services run at throttled speeds. The ads are not at all annoying and fully support through ads until Nord vpn sub is over.

free service doesnt work. it wants you to watch a video to connect, which is fine, but the videos wont finish and time you out before they end. this renders the free service non-existent. nice try. i would have bought the vip.

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