Paid for a yearly subscription but the app doesn’t update to reflect this. Sent a message to service and waited 3 weeks for a reply that didn’t help solve the problem. Their support is USELESS. The VPN connection is terribly slow too. I’d advise everyone to stay clear of this one! Vpn360 is junk and possibly even fraud. Whatever you do, don’t give these jokers your money!!! UPDATE: Three emails sent to support, same form letter sent back each time. No help or support in the app itself either.

It’s super good! I use it at my school since some things for it are restricted such as fortnite content. Of course, the ads do annoy me a bit but you have to do something to make money. This is the most suggested free VPN In my opinion, and I don’t always have to pay (unless premium) Keep working hard

The ads are a big part in why this rating is so low. I am constantly getting ads in any app, if I have the VPN on and I’m listening to music with my phone off, an ad will play while my phone is off, pausing the music and sometimes even outright crashing YouTube, then I need to watch an ad to get the ads to go away again for 5 minutes before bombarding me with more ads later on. I can see an add while activiating or deactivating the VPN or when in the app but honestly the ads ruin the app.

At first, you do not spend any excessive amount of time in the app. After a certain period of constantly using this app, you will start to spend an uncomfortably long period in the app watching ads and waiting for pages to load. I understand I’m using a free version but the amount of inconvenience compensating for that is overbearing.

Your app no longer works. Random disconnects, popup ads when the VPN isnt even running, false notifications, and extremely slow upload/download rates have made me extremely unhappy with the VPN in general. I wish the app had stayed the same as it was about 4 months ago when it was mostly ad-free, the service wasn’t slow as hell, and the app actually worked.

No no not good anymore. This used to be my best VPN to use. The new advert features makes it very annoying when the ads pops up every time you exit the app. Will change my review when this gets fixed. In the meantime I will revert back to other VPN’s.

Even though I have paid for the premium service, the app stoped working. The customer service is unresponsive, no solution as of now..after more than 2 weeks of messaging. The app has no function insid eof it from where I can raise a ticket/issue. Absolutelly horrible. I want a refund ASAP!

So far it’s pretty good , it has adds but obviously it’s a free VPN so they have to make money somehow you can get the premium edition that you left your eyes but there’s already not that much to ads so you can deal with it also helps a lot to get into wifi blocked apps in fire situations so I’ll give it that

It use to be the best vpn the only reason I’m not giving it one star is becuase it still works but you have to watch a ad everytime you click on a app. When you click on when you click off sometimes when you clikc and try to sheqrch something on google wlyou have to watch another add back to back download

I used VP 360 for couple of months now and pre-paid for 1 year. Two days ago it stopped working and there is no contact or any support that I can speak to. Now I cannot get the VPN to work and can’t get my money back. Disaster!

The new update broke this app completely. It used to be my go-to, the only one that worked with my school’s wifi. Now it just stopped working. Now every location requires premium, basically making it not free anymore. Fix this, please!

Used to be a brilliant app and worked perfect, now it’s complete and utter rubbish, you’re bombarded with ads every 30 seconds if that, and it doesn’t even do what its meant to do anymore it slows my internet down if anything, highly reccomend not downloading it

I used to love using this VPN because it was free and easy to use. Now they have adds pop up every 3 minutes and the VPN just sucks in general. It turns its self off and moves itself out of my folders.

Twitter still thinks I’m in russia. Aldo now unavoidable ads pop up now and it’s hard to do much of anything anymore. Premium edition sounded like a good idea but I dont have money. Ohhh but its fast, so you still get some stars.

App was fine until they started playing ads everytime you exit/start an app. It wouldn’t be so bad but sometimes the ad’s they play will freeze, making you have close the app and try again.

Excellent service when it works. I’ll rate it 5 stars even with the frequent and annoying adverts. Provides security for my banking transactions and enables me make secured calls in China, UAE, etc.

Every since the new update, the app doesnt work for me. I cannot get it to work anymore, and it takes way too long to connect. Was a great app, was.

It would be nice if the app wouldn’t use ads and the app keeps disconnecting when are I’m doing something and won’t let me connect back it takes forever then says that it’s connected

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