Nice.actually free no problem been using for a year and a half EDIT right after writing this the speeds plummeted faster then a suicide bomber.cant fix even after trying different servers.

So far it has been the only vpn that gives me the connection that need. I have downloaded other vpn apps but no connection.

Quick setup and easy to use. Use mostly on free wi-fi at coffee shops and public transportation, since wi-fi is on all buses, why not! Saves on data so I do not go over limit and get slowed to dial-up speeds. Best of all it is FREE!

This app not only works great but is the best VPN an easy to use.. keep up the good work

There is ads, but the ads aren’t that bad not like some of these apps, definitely not that bad at all! Keep up the good work USA VPN!

Why when I’m using WiFi connection all of the country servers are always 1000ms latency it’s not like that when the new updates came up it became like that, please fix this I’ll reconsider giving your app 5star if this problem is fixed

Best vpn app ever..You can bypass crunchyroll bypass restrictioN and funimation’s too..And the speed is jyst awesome..love the app.

Absolutely said performance, even faster than nord or express vpn, Recomend to all people,, speed is awesome and stable,, multiple servers fastest to choose from. Good work team,,

Its very good and easy but Once connected i see hundreds of MB’s uploaded what happens what this data ? really afraid from the liking information is this software is secured from frauding?

USA VPN- FREE its very good App for all mobile phones for all People woking in USA VPN App thanks and good wish for all working at google-USA VPN FREE and thanks for all them and them people.

There most worst Vpn ever it always says unfortunately the vpn has stop i have used my credit to downloaded but see i can’t even use it
Such an irritating adds 🤮🤮🤮 too much adds why man go and make another app for adds why are you advertise all over the adds in this app
Its the best VPN app I can guarantee everyone to use and to the professionals, its the app that suits your usage. Thanks and regards to the developer!
Seems pretty good, but few annoying issues encountered. App doesn’t stay connected and after a while I have to reconnect. Constant ads are annoying. Also, when I click on “Contact Support” nothing happens.
Does exactly what it does, though it took it ages compared to the VPNS i usually use. EDIT: Why do you keep defaulting my connection to France? I installed this app so i can trick stuff that i’m in AMERICA, Not FRANCE, Fix your garbage, you smart geniuses.
This VPN is sooo amazing, I can make a video call anytime, loud and clear!! I would like to share this apps to everybody and try it guys.. Thank you so much to my VPN I love it download
Fast and Free. I’ve had no malware/spyware problems since I put this on my S8+. They support themselves with ads, they’re not intrusive.
It works perfectly. I can finally listen to and post music on Instagram stories which was unavailable in my country
great free vpn can acsess USA servers in uk only use to watch pbs same as BBC in uk but can only watch from inside America i f love documentary and science space kids tv old school seasemme street got tv guide all old episode of anything try frontline documentary amazing and Christian armanpore like investigative journalism that you never see in uk brilliant thanks
The service was amazing! The only reason why I gave a 4 star rating is because there are just too much ads in the app! Its annoying as hell when I click on connect an ad pops up on the screen and you have to wait 5 secs before you can cancel it! Although, I did patched this app to remove ads via lucky patcher and it did work but still!
I assume it works. I have no intention on leaving it on my cell. I have never been buried in so many ads in my life. this thing shoots more ads at me than ALL the other apps on my phone. I can’t even look at and make any setting adjustments before blasted with an add. The least they could do is let me change a setting!! I expect ads with a free app but not like this. The App is borderline useless.
This is unbelievable! I tried the wanna be “Lighting Fast” vpns such as NordVPN, Betternet, and a lot more and none of them worked here in the hospital! When i found out about USA vpn, i thought i wasnt going to work, but after trying it, it is the only one that worked! Respects to USA VPN! The only thing that is a bummer would be the fact that its FREE! I really wanted to pay for a pro edition or something! you guys deserve it!
first of all I need to thank you because of the excellent VPN which you have given us to use. secondly, the VPN is very easy to use enen for those who don’t have too much literacy spicaly English literacy. I just installed it on my phone and ran it quickly then by pushing it’s starting button started unfilter my phone and network. Thirdly, it completely meet my needs and expectition because since, I use this great VPN hence I can open all the websites that I need also I do not need any more VPN.
Stable, adds are there but doesn’t bother that much as all free apps are having adds. It stays connected for long hours even if your phone is not in use. It calculates the data being used which is good. Keeping the app running in the background will drain your phone battery.
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