Mr. DEVELOPER YOUR REPLY IS MOST URGENTLY NEEDED. Using your VPN app, in middle of working with another app which dexterity and movement, is the name of its purpose, for example, (Real Racing 3), PLEASE EXPLAIN THE REASON BEHIND bringing not only one, but TWO ADS IN THE TIMELINE OF FIVE SECONDS? Nothing against the ads which turn your wheels round, BUT SOME OF YOUR ADS ARE APPALLING AND DISGUSTING FOR SOME PEOPLE LIKE ME. I wrote this to say apart from these 2 points, your app is the best VPN

I just installed this app yesterday, It has worked for me really good until now and I hope it would work in this way and never get slow down. leastwise l hope it keeps functioning for 2 or 3 weeks.

They deserve best vpn title, this app is secure reliable and worked on every network that I tried even the ones that prohibit vpn or limit it’s use, ads are very minimal, no data cap or throttling, I think the only thing it need’s is a norway server, my best for it’s decelopers.

This app is good But just like other vpn After a week It started to crush my phone till the status bar’s icon of this apps cleared and phone become so slow, please fix it to can sync to android 6 phone can use it


Since most vpn applications are blocked here in the UAE. U-vpn was the only one that was free and had a fast/constant connection. Thank You U-vpn for enabling me to talk with my parents while I’m studying abroad

I call without any hesitate to my family in the philippine since then I used this app U-VPN thank you very much for the fast connection now I don’t need to ask for any discounted call all I have to do is to use UVPN app

This app is verry good but now befor few dayes some problem app canecting and discanectafter 1 mnt plz solv my problem

It’s very good and free from scratches, it makes the network very sustainable but there are a lot of ads

U-VPN(Free Inline app is very good thing for every 2 bodies or more to make a good safety connection and speaking Thanks and good wish for all of you and yours you are working at U-VPN.app and corps.

after this new update its not working in UAE now… uninstalling BYE DEVELOPERS… your happy now… yout losing costumers

I tried many other but u-vpn better and its functionality up to standard. Only minor improvements needed. Thanks for your effort. Rana.I think only best choice server speed is upto standard but the others are not high speed servers. So add some high speed server for better results.After your addition of some high speed servers now its speed is better thanks

i like it very much i enjoy internet free and unlimited if your mobile does not work I give suggestion to restore mobile and take your SIM internet package one day to recover mobile apps and then enjoy internet free unlimited

its amazing using this app i am happy I finally found the right app.My only worry is that the ads are just too much i hope the developer improve on this.

nothing is without a glitch or glitches. U-VPN is not Good! It’s awesome! Probably with the updates, functioning will improve. Thank you to everyone at u-VPN for all your efforts and allowing to use the app for FREE!

Previously I had left a 5 star review but after the last update the app has stopped functioning properly. Everytime I connect the VPN the internet stops working and no website loads. download

What is this? Now you guys have copied some other VPN! And now it doesn’t connect for FREE at all. A total waste. The previous versions could at least easily connect even on ZERO cellular credit.

i just download this app now working very well, i hope so its working well on future also. so very good apps and connect also fast from today vpn is not working well today 15th july -19 updated new version but not wotking properly

overall its been good..but please fix the problem of sudden stoppage in working..it works well but all of a sudden speed falls to 0 kb/sec

First it was my favorite VPN but in Pakistan now in june 2019 this ia not working solve this problem please. I will give you 5 star if you solve it. please do it fast

So far it is a really good app and works perfectly fine just needs a few tweaks to Stay Fully Coneccted and some other fixes here and there before I give it More Stars

This is a very useful & super vpn app better than other vpn apps.. I used & yet I use this vpn app.. this is so easy to use.. I like this app very much & I love u-vpn.

very nice apps connect fast and me.remove all ads todays so working fine and no shown many ads totaly use without ads thanks

u vpn new update is not working i connect many time but it show 0 byte its update version is not working please work on this app and get use u vpn

Very nice app i really like it its Working im Using Free Internet on ufone Thanku Sooo Mach

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