The app is not displaying anywhere where I can create an account or start actually using the app for its intended purpose. Instead, I am directed to install the app I just installed. It has a built-in browser that takes me to the app page on google play, and clicking install just freezes everything up. I have absolutely never before seen such poor app design.Don’t waste your time!! Can’t watch videos, it just says “no data found” it’s a scam to access your phone files. Can’t do anything Everything I click to watch it goes blank Says paying to watch videos where is place to even add withdrawing details. This app is unstable on every phone and on different android from kitkat to newest. I think that this app is like that with purpose. Min withdraw is too much….. Check dis issue. Show some concern.

The points needed for 5$ was 15000 till yesterday.now it is showing 10000000 points needed for 5$. this site takes so much time to open page ex- withdrawal page , home page etc at last it crash. don’t waste your data on it. Good apps but please tell us how to begin and to register I keep on login in but it was failed.

Please don’t download this app This is very very time wasted.first they will tell you 15000=5 dollars but when you reach 7000 they will tell you 100000=5 dollars Bakwas app ha apna time aur data zaya na kro. Thanks 0 se kam ni ha warna wohi deta.

i think this app is good and amazing..this app is a great experience for me and all..but i did not recieved my withdrawal on Aug 30 2019.still pending.

So i install the app but the app takes me to a different app store to install it again? Awful app design. Fix this and my rating will improve. i just installed this app but cannot start app they said something went to wrong try again its fake or real?

Worst aap I was not able to delete my account permanently and I contact support of this aap I messaged them no reply was given I stuck in it 😡😡😡

The points needed for 5$ was 15000 till yesterday.now it is showing 10000000 points needed for 5$
I am interested in this but may i know where to cash out our earnings, i would give this a 5 star when i can prove to myself that this is really a legit app for now i give a 3 🌟 🌟 🌟I made i withdraw, my points were removed, but nothing reflected on my paypal account. Scam! Scammer!! Scammers!!!
Please join my refer (2 e q 2 6 2 a t) Its really Good application you can discover new applications 2 e q 2 6 2 a t The app works so good so far. Haven’t tried to cash out yet and guess that will be the real test. Refer me and we both get oinsto get more prizes 2 e q 2 6 2 a t Great app easy to use making cash is slow but much better than other similar apps that i have tried. This app not good very bad app please Google play take out don’t waste time I don’t like this app. dont download this fake app guys.Wasting time,scam and why google play let this app installed other user?😠

Fake app, don’t pay i make 1 5000 points for nothing, i don’t receive anything Fake app caution guys don’t download this app… Just rest my time in this fu** app

this app is super my reference code ➡ txhbfaem ⬅ plz use my reference code txhbfaem
Fuddu app. Video play hota hi nahi. Play store aisi app kyun add karta hai. Yeh ek scam hai. Please ban this app
This is a TERRIBLE app!Its a scam!I’m so scared!Its really bad!U cant even get in!
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