Don’t change your device if you get this. The story starts about 6 months ago when I switched my bank. I had went straight to cashapp and removed my old card and banking information. I had my old card shredded at the bank when I closed my account. Everything seems good until I upgraded my phone. When logging in, it asks for my old banking information to confirm my identity. Which naturally it should not because they should not have that info anymore. Support was useless in handling my issue.

Been using this app for years, now there’s suddenly 2 problems. First, they took away the ability to add a customized dollar amount to your account and only offer a sliding bar that operates at $1, $2, $5, $10, and so on. Next, the app keeps crashing every time I open it for the past day. What ridiculous problems.It’s a great app to use and very convenient when needing to send or receive money however, it has some sort of glitch where every now and then I will go to open it and it will immediately close back out not allow me to access it at all. This morning has been the longest time glitching. It’s been 3 hours and I still can’t get in.

The app was doing fine when I initially installed and set up. However, recently I’ve seen that while I had money available to take out and send to people, I could not take the money out from my bank and transfer it. I could also not make requests for money or even activate my Cash Card when I got it. I hope that these bugs can fixed quickly.
I have been using cashapp for quite sometimes and I’ve never had no real issues or complaints until now. My account was closed and I email them to find out why and this is what I get in reply After a recent review of your transfer of funds, we detected the use of Cash App for activity in violation of Cash App’s Terms of Service. As a result, you will no longer be able to use Cash App to send or receive money. The app is designed to transfer and receiving money which is what I’ve use it for. Smh

The absolute worst in problem solving and troubleshooting!!! There are obviously no live operators to get help with unique situations and it all seems like a game of a dog chasing it’s tail. You call Square, they direct you to Cashapp, who in turns only seem to answer online, but never get back to you. I expected so much more from Square.
So far, I am loving the app. It has a very clean interface, puts mobile banking to shame, and even has its own investment section that shows charts and the ticker for big names. Very satisfied with the card, as well, though the scanner of the ID is a bit sketchy (sensitive. Have to hold at just the right angle). The direct deposit feature is a plus as well. Plus, we can both get an extra $5 if you use my referreal code! PLKLTTP
Its been great and would have given 5 stars but last night and today I haven’t been able to use…it crashes. I even uninstalled and re-installed, still crashing December 5 Update: App works great! I love the ability to transfer cash between my bank and the card as well as using as a Visa. Thank you for a great app!
I been using this app for years and I loved it. Recently the option to buy and send Bitcoin was added and it was very convenient because I use Bitcoin often. Well my account was closed without a legit reason along with several of my colleagues. I emailed support several times and I was given a generic reason saying I was in violation of a couple of the rules. I looked through what they said i did wrong and i was not in violation. I used this app daily and I don’t think it was fair! Reactivate me
We had no problems until my mom changed her phone number and could no longer access her account. We gave all the information to support and they said they couldn’t help due to security issues now she has two accounts for no reason. I don’t understand why they couldn’t merge the accounts. I had the same thing happen to me before. I emailed everything support asked for and they merged my account with no problem.

I used to love this app, but I don’t know what’s going on & I HATE writing bad reviews but SOMETHING has to be done. I have more than enough money to cover my purchase & my card was DECLINED in the store I had the clerk run in 4 times! I went to the atm to pull out cash it said I had insufficient funds! I was frantic because it was the ONLY card I had. Then i tried to contact support and they said they would get back to me in 24….I DON’T HAVE 24 HOURS! GET 24 LIVE SUPPORT!

It’s great… until it’s not. I have a bank account, and I’m glad I do. I ONLY use my Cash App card as a 2nd option for quickly receiving money. Recently, someone sent me $20, becuase I left my bank debit card at home. My card showed the money was there, but the card kept getting declined for insufficient funds, which was inconvenient and embarrassing. It worked…an hour later. I get that some don’t have a bank account for whatever reason, but imagine if my paycheck was on a Cash App card.

Been using for a few years & never had any major issues. It’s a great back up if you need cash sent real quick (usually because I forget my debit card at home). I love the boosts – I get a dollar back whenever I get a coffee. The only issue I’m having now that must have happened after one of the recent updates, & I noticed a couple of other people say it recently, is I can’t add a specific amount to my card – it’s only in certain increments. Everything is updated on my phone. Hope this is fixed.

CashApp is not responding, kicks me off in a quick second after the CashApp home screen loads up and will not let me send feedback to CashApp Support. I tried uninstalling the app and still not responding, I will update review as soon as it’s fixed. Update: Everything was back running for me that next day. You guy’s have an amazing support team and assure me that everything will be fine. Thank you!

Every time I open the app it immediately crashes showing a system dialog saying “Cash App keeps stopping”. I uninstalled, reinstalled and logged in and the behavior continues to happen. This is really unfortunate since I’ve been using this app for nearly 7 years and have transfered tens of thousands of dollars with it in that time. I hope this gets fixed…

At first when I started using Cash App everything worked fine. But now it’s been about 8months and it keeps stopping or closing on it’s own. My fiancè can’t receive money Instantly, he has to wait full term and it has noting to do with his bank. Just to many issues now. Makes me not want to use it in fear that my money will get “stuck” floating.
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