It is a good and informative map but doesn’t give any daily challenge so that I could also use for earning money. There are no any daily challenges.

When I play with an opponent every time An automated opponent (BOT) who answers questions at the speed of light on every question and gets 20 points for every question, so there is no way that I win: totally automated BOTS named opponent. Fraud app you will never win! So how to earn money. Doesn’t make sense
Very low coin rewards of20 per game. To play daily chaĺleng u need 400 coins its mean to play 40 games before to play challeng. Its my 2nd day. 1st day to play challng i need 300 coins but today its raised up to 400. Bad app. Very informative, excellent app, just started playing found it very interesting… Hope to get good ammount of cash for the pocket👌👌👌
this app doesn’t show any daily challenge. few months ago i used to receive one rupee on every winning but now no money nor any daily challenge like before.After challenge there is nothing happend ?? why Not announced the name of winner???? Why app does not show that you are include in top 10 or not…
I like it, it’s good, really good. But I wonder how will I get the money I have earned, I don’t have any bank accounts, nor the two options of how to cash out :'( I want to continue using it, it’s very awesome and entertaining. How I wish I can get the money that I will earn for every match .
All its better but no daily challenges available and no oppertunity to get earn plz solve this problem.

i am changing my review because there is so many problems on daily bases now i spent coins for challenge and challenge is not working its showing Questions not found until i will get good service my review will be like this.
They solved my problem initially but again I faced a problem and they didn’t heed to it Neither the app is performing satisfactorily Turned from good to very bad dont install time wasting. Money received. Keep up the good work. Please add more than one challenges daily. Nice but did not open at that moment, when I was log in with e mail, it did not open…help pls. when I play,everytime the opponents are same,I think the opponent are automated.There is no daily challenge in this game in few days why please fix this problem. Very good app but coins are not convert in money please solive problem..game is too interesting but still the coins is not converted in cash please help and tell about this. The app is nice but I need an explanation on how to cash out here in Nigeria and how to convert the coins thanks.

I have now start the game and how can i get daily challenge and also withdraw my coins. I am still playing but getting no money as how is been saying abuot so i need a solution to it please.

Got my first payment today. Thank you so much for being real. I’ll recommend to all my friends

Great experience by using the quiz money app it’s a very good way of gaining knowledge while plying games. Great work will recommend to friends. Thanks
nice app but i win many times it shows my balance is zero i have 530 points but shows my balance zero plz solve my problem.
I am unable to learn how cash is received. please tell how I can win cash and out it…. Developer please tell me.
If i am from dubai can i withdraw bank transfer? I stay in dubai. Please reply. And please add paypal. Please reply. I have coins of Rs 25.but my balance is shown as Rs 0.00.what is the reason? Can i withdraw this coins of Rs 25 through the easy payza.?please tell me how many coins required to convert the coin in to balance and where is the option to convert coin into balance. without using this app ,i am rating this 4 star because many people believe in this app so, i belive that this app will not despoint me. Good app but coins Easypasa ma nhi a raha h …..likha hova a raha ha …..you don’t have enough blance ab kiya karo plzzzz batya dya


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