Make Money Online in pakistan


Amazing! This is an app that helps you in real life, not just kill time out of your day. Not only are reading about stuff going on in the world but your making money wile your doing it. If your strugling or straped for cash just looking for a way to make some extra stuffing for your pockets than this is the app for you. The discription compleatly explains the way the app works compleatly. I think everybody abd there mother shouldbat least try this app. Trust me everyone it is compleatly worth it.
I just recently started this app and I feel that it’s gonna be one of a kind… unlike all the other ones that are flat-out SCAMS! Give them a try! You have absolutely nothing to lose and plenty to gain… You’d sure hate to find out that you missed out on a great money making opportunity! Think about it.
Right now is the time that everybody needs extra cash. So if this app is going to do just that then worth 5 stars. But if it doesnt do just that then ill just rate this app again no big deal.

This app is awesome. Simple to use and lets you earn extra in your free time. I use it while I am sitting at my wife’s work waiting on her to get off.

Great app. It does what it says.. real money in my pay pal acct. Took a Bit of time.. but they really did pay you to play or download an app. I tried several times to login it keeps on saying no connection but the worst part is that i do have data,what could possibly be the problem.I tried several times to login it keeps on saying no connection but the worst part is that i do have data,what could possibly be the problem?It has useful notifications that helps in understanding the app more and how to make money and it uses guides to help through the process of making money its a nice app.

Why the app is not opening???😡😡😡 Every time it shows error about internet connection though I have a good connection. Fix it.I’m giving a three star review only because I haven’t managed to claim a payout. When I do if it’s as simple as it states I’ll change my review. So far I like the app. Kinda easy to use, though don’t know if it works yet… Was asked to review just at the beginning of usage.

I just installed this app & writing a review is one of the assignments to “earn” points so I will edit my review once I verify for myself that the app is legit & truely does payout! Thank you!
Updated from a 1 star reveiw** I have received my first payment after 5 days of processing. I had 2 payouts requested both different days. They ended up becoming combined and I had to wait another 3 days to receive on some of my payout. They said they werent able to process my 18k credits yet due to it being an offer (Final Fantasy game offer) that Im unable to get paid until a month from now . I wont see it until december 31st but app does pay customer service may take a few days to answer also
Too much app to download in order to earn, another thing is time consuming and not only that too much data is consumed. A four-star because of the reviews just getting started seems like a good app ready to win some money will do a five-star when I start playing. I will change my comment earlier and it works finally. Hopefully I can redeem cash with this app and hopefully it can redeem here in my country. Philippines.

This so incredible perfect apps and also a better rewards from the processing, make should you follow the processing step by step. I think this is a brilliant idea for an app to help people earn money, learn stuff along the.Thank guys for the feedback more will be revealed!


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