It works generally well, but it gets pretty buggy at times. I tried a lot of vpns and this was the only one that connected at all. However, if I had no service and connected it through wifi, then it would act up anytime I did get service, and then when I lost service avain, it would act up again. It was very tricky and takes a long time to connect at times, if it would connect at all.
Works great. I think the reason why it sometimes take to long to connect is coz off the adds playing all the time thus the dely. For those who struggle to connect, just go to Apps, choose the app, clear chache and try to connect again. Also close all other open/running apps in the background. Background updates might also cause a delay for it to connect quickly. As far as free internet goes it doesnt give me that option, but i’m ok with it.
it is pleasant to say that this app i mean this vpn is very useful. Iam a Bangladeshi the of our village use it and worked very fine. But sometimes it doesn’t connecte with network. For this problem i want to tell u please update it. however it was very useful in recent time.Thanks

Connects very fast. But would love if the vpn automatically disconnects when the phone isnt on use for a while, because it drains the battery and slows down the phones speed. It is good but while talking to someone with video call or voice call it will disconnect automatically in that time and its takes time to reconnect.Great. I love the fact that it is free and honestly pretty quick. I may get the premium version soon just so that I can stay private all the time. The “Whole Device Mode” is GREAT! Also, if you go to school this one should work. They have alternate ports to get by school/work firewalls. It is awesome.Hello Dear Psiphon team,i hope whole team is fine.I am a user of your great and wonderful app from last few months and i love it,it works great and never failed. But from last 3 days its not working i don’t have any idea what happened but it’s not even connecting. Please help me im from Abu Dhabi and i really need it here. I hope you will help me. Thanks my best wishes for whole team,

Worked great for a while, then I got a Galaxy note 4 and every time I use it, it connects, then starts over trying to connect but never does as soon as I close the tab for the app to the background. Slower, but very useful. Just… Telenor provider gave 2 apps for free, by mobile data. But, from Oct. 1st, we should pay for it. When I deactivated Facebook (one of 2 apps), my Psiphon was diconnected. I tried to connect again, but it’s failed. I uninstaled it, and installed it again, but it still can’t working by using mobile data. My oppinion is that Telenor provider did something… Otherwise, this application is great.The greatest application I have never met before, quick to open on fast wifi networks, easy to use, reliable to all those who have already seen it. Everyone recommends Psiphon App . Thanks guys so so much. Awkward WiFi networks are easy to use using Psiphon.Unpredictable app, some time it connects and runs properly sometime it doesnot connect at all and sometime it may take too long to connect but may disconnect shortly after connection.

Great App. Fast, reliable and easy to use. Smooth and amazing user interface, changes your IP quickly and it actually works. Allows you to change language, region and other settings. Amazing app and VPN.Great vpn. But the built in browser feels incomplete/outdated reminds me of the original iphone browser. Would suggest a UI update.download
Good App I Highly Recomend It its fast depending on your signal Easy to use makes you downlad more of your favourite apps and free and upgradable it has stats also to determine how your signal flow.
This Psiphon3 VPN app is good, & pretty regular updates, but app still uses too much RAM while running, like others have said, VPN many times disconnects without warning. Have emailed Psiphon3 support a few times in last few weeks, they do not reply, only recv useless Auto-responders. App Need more useful options, like Modern & Quick RAM WIFI Boost to keep Psiphon3 from clogging RAM on devices. Also a badly needed VPN & RAM all screen status screen widget option, so we will know instantly if RAM too high, or problem with VPN Dis-connection. Even with latest update, VPN sometimes disconnects still, (Even after disabling all other apps on device) with no notices given, so no way to cnfirm Psiphon3 VPN if still leaking all your data. Still no modern VPN screen widget avail to know if VPN disconnected or what server currently using. Still no hot option to Auto connect vpn when start android device, without Psiphon3, always forcing us to open addtl RAM Consuming Web Browsers everytime Psiphon3 Dis-connects or re-connects to my device. This browser auto Open-connect feature makes Psiphon3 so very frustrating & virtually un-usable many times. Any way to disable this troublesome browser Auto open option? Again, a more modern VPN & RAM all screen status screen widget option, on screen widget that also shows our VPN location enabled, Without forcing open RAM consuming browser everytime, VPN starts or disconnects, worst feature ever, at least allow us to disable this Useless, feature. Again , still overall a great concept, and most times stable app with much potential, but just missing some hot options. Hopefully Psiphon3 support will at least start replying to some of these ongoing issues, or at least address some of these hot ongoing issues are addressed.


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