Easy to use and greatness is in every moves… i mean, there’s nowhere you can refuse to go with this aweasom app. I can call it my Loyality App as the way it smoothly and Joyful. From the other reviews, at least you can believe me. And now, I’m going to be telling you the info you need to know before using this app. If you’re here for money, don’t do it. Once you reach 10+ dollars, it will do some sort of error and make it so you can never withdraw money. The makers of this app only made this to make money off ads and data from you’re posts. You bet I’m going to expect a response. Overall, this app is trash and should burn. Hey, owners, answer me u cowards.

This application is a very good application for all peoples easy to earn money free ,so it is help to pocket money earn all peoples.Worth the download and easy to use. The app is user friendly and totally legit earning app.
I review this app too many time and they resolve problem but not add surver and more earning ways to earn points And also make a Good connection like fb lite.
i will give next review when i will get my first payment.but it is soo hard to earn money.🤔you have to spend lot of time to earn small amount of money.i wish the next update will make little more easy..😐yes it is good app but there is little bit disfunctioning.some proverbs,images are not approved.and it is very hard to score points.iam not blaming . according to me there should some changes. my review did not satisfy. so you stopped this app on my phone.i was not accepting this.😮ok fine..

I kinda love this app honestly, I quite enjoy this app when I have nothing to do, so just like scrolling the feeds. But I think it would be pretty cool if I can interact with users in there lol, but after all it’s pretty good.

Used to love this app but since views and shares limited per day, takes forever to reach min amount withdraw. its fun when you get paid for anything you like to do but not anymore.Very good app. I earned money from this app. Everyone use this app as its also good for daily status.Actually it pay you money for upload or see status but it Take a long time to make little money.
Hi everyone I prefer this is the best application easy to use nd easy to earn without any problem… I earn money from this application…nddownload quick response thanks Daily status….

Like the concept behind but you are going to realized later that they’re taking a bit much from you when you get so little. Every click has an ad with no rewards. It’s impossible to reach the min esp now that they put MORE limits. It’ll take you over a month or so since non-verified/new members only get to upload on weekdend, twice/day after only getting a few points on weekdays lol.

No guide in app as to how u operate, well users should know exactly wen they are due to earn money, as iv seen, i dont know wen iam due to earn, all u say is watch video, share content, so tell me wen i do all this wen iam i entiled to earn, until u answer me, its a total scarm, mayb u just want to gather huge fanbaze to make revenue from ur adds.
It’s really awesome. I have only one request team .don’t keep any post on hold for so long for review, please approve it. There should be a time interval for that. Thank you team.

Sir, I can Cooperate with Daily Status Team. I’m working Monitoring under review videos, Verified Creator marking and Technical problem, help line, Suggested new video or apps development. Thanks for Daily Status Team.
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