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1. Please add “Search” feature. you can easily download my zong app on it. It would be easy in this way to find and know about all offers, providing the item of your interest, e.g. to know about internet volume available would be searched by inserting word : “Internet” in the search field. 2. Please solve issue related to “Unable to resolve host …. No address related with hostname”. 3. Please add CUSTOM OFFER feature. In this way a customer may design a feature according to his needs. Customers would much appreciate this step of yours.

It’s just nice app. I can access my account with just a single tap. It’s a nice and short way to check free resources and package plans. No worry about internet package, runs without having internet package. I really found it a helpful and good app.
Pathetic app. Kindly upgrade it. I have been using it for long but whenever I subscribe to any package it doesn’t performs that task. Most commonly i enter the hidden card number correct but it keeps on showing me for more than once that ‘ you are entering invalid number’. Balance inquiry is also not good. It shows something else than the real balance. Thumbs down.

Good app.But the app developer need to add some things.Firstly ”MAKE MY OWN OFFER” just like ”MY TELENOR APP”.Because the people want to make their desirable packages that the how much they need on-net min, off-net min, internet mb’s, sms, and social mb’s and all that stuff.If the developer add these things in app that i’m definitely sure more people like and follow them.
This App frustrate me Because Their

Are 0 Bundles Actually In This You See Only (No Data Received) Oh Yeah It show One More Thing Guess What Go Your Account Check Remaining Mbs Are You Serious You Made a App For Bundles and Many More Things But it Shows What Subscribed Packages or Remaining Time and Quantity Actually You forgot To Made a App For Customers please update it Sorry For My English I know 😅 I Am Terrible In English But Important Thing Is I Know You Understand What I am Trying To Say.

You should Learn from my Ufone App as that is up to the requirements and user friendly. This app is useful but need much improvement, unlike Jazz and Ufone here should be option of checking brief call and sms log as Ufone provides. In this app we can’t see evey call details i.e number which called or sms details on which number we sent with time details. I suggest you to follow the pattern of My Ufone app and add the options as they did in their app.
Good app. So much facilitating. Easy to use. But there should be a new option for call and message from app using accounts balance/bundle. It would be something new which will distinguish it from others.

It’s buggy and the data or whatever the free stuff you are using never get reduced it stay the same and every time when I open the app I have to reset the language and the account.never gets managed.this is the best way to download and install my song

One the best cellular network account management app among all telecom careers in Pakistan. Easy to register and login, detailed states, complete control.. i wish all other had some app developing sense like zong app developers do.Usefull app but once one account is login & want to login another num issue founds even all other accounts removed but still stuck at Pin of old one. Again install app now login successful.

It’s no like jazz or others network app which have many features like new package notification , free mbs gift, add another number option and many many more. I think it should change also graphics, more suitable options about jazz Thanks.download
It must show the packages offline because when I recharge my account so I need to do package first but unfortunately it doesn’t show any package for internet or sms or call. Every option is available when u goes online.

Great app for zong user but one option should be add. That is Block Number Activation Option. Then we can Easily activate this service and We can Block wrong number easly. i Will Give One Remain star After updation
Very easy to use and reliable even works when there’s no internet package but one thing needed to add is share mobile balance to other Zong User through My Zong app.
I downloaded the app so that I could order an online sim but guess what, the app won’t allow me to login because I don’t have a zong number. What happened to the use as a guest feature?
This App of zong has not uesr friendly interface like other especially like my telenor app . This need alot to be improved by zong app devoloper… I am a zong user but ll not recommend it.

I wish if there is any way that zong should launch customise package in which customers can choose Call/Sms/Internet buckets + there is more choice for a single bucket or all 3 buckets in 1 package by themselves as they wanted to use them. Otherwise i’am satisfied with the services you’re providing and happy to be a ZONGER. Thanks. thanks to download and install my song. The day I last updated unable to view Bundles & Packages, VAS and other informations. Whenever I click on an icon a message is displayed “no data received”.

Nice app, but there should be finger touch option for log in same like in easypiasa app.my song is best thing download and enjoy it. Please consider it seriously. You did not response to me about my opinion. It means you didn’t consider my options seriously.
Plz we want one option in zong apps that’s Detail list of incoming number Detail list of outgoing number Detail list of sms send & recive in previous 7 days In this option show contact number with detail .
Kindly add the feature unsubscribe in the app for internet packages It is very inconvenient for me to pit my sim in mobile phone from device and the unsubscribe any package.
The app is working nicely. If possible kindly add tax certificate for annual income tax return. As the jazz network is giving the online tax certificate facility.

my telenor download

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