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Rubbish. Pls dont even aste time downloading this app, is rubbish. All their rewarding pattern is not working instead you waste your time and money.

Cook/ laborer /forklift operator/small-time mechanic/problem solver/fast learner/hands on people person jack of all trades and a realist. Have worked since Icould. I am physically capable of lifting quite a hefty amount, I’m physically fit. Not bad looking individual have had experience in retail and customer service. I do quite well with relating to all different kinds of people even the hard headed ones take to me very well. I’m a hard-working reliable person. All I need is a shot to prove it. Need more time to see more .just going to have a little chill out time wide me bird. But all keep watching And playing all your very useful and fun apps Thanks a lot much appreciated my friend’s ok.I already like this app . Earn while watching YouTube? ! This should be interesting . love the performance so far. Ill update later! Thanks

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Yes I will get it makes sense for me to get the house ready to sell it but selling it for covering the front desk and they are going so far today it’s been trying even though you don’t want me to come over tonight for dinner aunty if you want nonsense you can come over and watch a movie or something and then after changed my mind to game me money business. This is my first time to download this application i rate 5 stars base on the comment of all the users..and if this is real this application can help all the people in this world. Am new here.. I have not even seen what it can do. But for the effort of designing such an application I will start you with three stars. Im writing this review even though i havent completely gotten through the whole spill cuz its a “daily goal” however i will repost my review with a HUGE THUMBS UP just as soon as i realize the promised payout. So…holding my breath right now and will amend in the future.

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Im g)ad i found this cuz i sure can use some xmas money and grocery money now. For ive been on these games surveys, but especially the games and i havent made anything yet. So i hoe this is promising before i invite anybody.
Just kickin off and trying once again to boost my portfolio. Getting ahead for the new years buisness venture. Thanks for tje gift as it was un expected…

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