I like the basic game but every time I play against another player the game STOPS sending me math problems at number 14 or 15. Then all those problems count against me which is GROSSLY unfair. I go from having 1 wrong out of 14 or 15 to 6 or 7 incorrect of 20! I cannot play a game that penalizes me unfairly. This dont let me win the match. Because this app is playing their ads that can’t be close on purpose, and unfairly make people to run out the time. Stupid. Dont download this. You have to believe there are many more ways to create money than wasting time and internet quota for hard to collect points and money. Thanks for the game but sorry one starfor this ,🤣🤣🤣 uninstalling

At first they will give you many tickets to play math cash game but after you reach certain points..they will stop giving you tickets…surveys also never give you any points..total waste of time. Why are there ads? So annoying and it removes my points every time an ad starts. I just joined and im already experiencing peoblems and bothered by ads.. remove the damn ads or at least cut them down to like one or two every 30mins..To be honest, this app is always malfunctioning. I’ve solved all the questions in the alloted time, but my points are still the same. It’s unfair.

Very nice… But survey part is too long… Boaring but can be able to collect points by which after accumulation it will become huge… Thank you Math Cash App

Its only a matter of time before more tournaments are implemented. Even offline features. Brackets can be the math subject, like lobbies there can be a counter for current present, aka potential challengers. I wouldnt mind an offline practice mode. This is more stressful than flashcards. I have had moments where i wanted to shake hands, like, or maybe check stats. There can be a minibar on the screen showing realtime progress for each competitor, red for incorrect, green for correct. Idk…The only math is in practice mode, everything else is surveys and offers. and half the available buttons dont even work. there is a “game” where you get ten tries to guess a 6 digit number, but after a couple tries it stops working.

I jabe won the game several times but i still get “you lose”. Right now i got all of my answrrs correct and opponent got 3 points and he still won even when my timing was better too…this is so frustrating. People can cheat their way out through your game.Fun and addicting! The problems are not that hard but the time limit makes it quite complicated. For those who wants to try, practice a lot so your tickets won’t go to waste. The only issue I have are the surveys. I answer a few questions, got in then was rejected on the end with little to NO points. I wish there could be”consolation” (5) points for trying the survey.

08-13-19 As of today, you removed another feature, the “Math Cash Duel”. The one that you should remove is the “Guess And Win”, there’s no point in playing that game. What’s happening Math Cash? Are you about to say your goodbye, or you just don’t want your users to earn points (except of course for those “players” who have the capability of a bot in solving math problems)? You’re going to lose all of your players. Newbies may have good reviews for now but eventually they’ll change their minds.I’m in this game for more than 6 month but still I not scored 5000. y ve u deleted solve n win. people must play game win point n they ve to spend point to buy ticket n play again. so there is no way to reach 5000 point to encash. this is not math cash game it’s math crash. Its waste of time v cant earn tickets n no way to play.

collected loads of info with irritating repeated questions wasting 15 minutes, and suddenly the server stopped responding. Took a football quiz to get 140 points, completed all 20 questions successfully, it even showed my score as 80% but never credited those 140 points. If you dont want to credit points and look into whether the surveys run all the way or not, why dont you call it Math Scam App – Tagline “Waste your precious time for nothing while we make money out of it”

This is a nice game app to enhance your knowledge in math and you can earn free even if it’s hard to have a points. My concern is how I supposed to know the right answer on the ‘guess and win’, it’s freaking impossible to know the right answer. But so far, this is a good app.
Really an amazing app. Well its really very hard to earn points but still an awesome app. It would be great if you just increase the winning points by 15 to 20 %. That would be great. And btw what is this guess the secret number? It is just impossible!

i havent withdrawn yet so i cant really say much about it.also i love solving the math problems in a few seconds so there. do it correctly and within the alloted time.initially there is free tix but as you go along and you end up losing you use more tix for every game you do.so do share, answer 20 games correctly or join the contest …for sure you will get more. In previous version, it wasgood. There were tournaments. But they have removed tournaments. This is not done because the only hope to earn maximum points were tournaments. Now it is really waste of time and has become useless one. I am uninstalling it.I love this app! I used it on my brother’s phone, but the problem is that I can’t use it on my phone, cuz every time I try to sign in I get this notification: You may be using an emulator or device is not capable to run this app. Can someone explain to me why is this happening and how can I fix it?
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