Brain Battle Earn Money


At first I have 13,000+ tickets and then an advertisement pops up and suddenly after the advertisement my tickets became 4,000+…. this is always happening to me…. I already lost a lot of tickets, this is only one of my several scenarios…. I hope you could fix it….Just playing a few times..as a newbie..most fun and surprising. Like to increase my scores for the opportunity of winning a few dollars…thanks for the math games..I’m getting better..in my ability with math..more accurate and faster to respond…Though I haven’t won any money yet but the game is full of fun. Only that the advert is too much without option to cancel or ignore watching d video adverts.
It’s fun… Though I don’t know about the money. How come the winner lists pics don’t get updated.I thought it was going well but then a forced 30 second ad. I’m not dealing with forced ads that I can’t skip.Worst, when logging in then it says that server not connected. If you have put the right details then also it says the same.It was awesome i love it. And it was fast so our brain need to be faster. Good game, but think to have some design. In another way, to do this is minus for your income.Not giving rewards for inviting friends. Invited 2 friends still not reflecting rewards. Please don’t download.Slow and glitchy. Keeps kicking my facebook to log out and freeze then restart the app then does it again.Not good….if i convert my tickets to dollar they say the server is busy or cant connect.if i remove tickets they say you dont have enough ticket..this apps is not good.

I love this game! Hope it’s really legit.It is enjoyable..and I think it enhances my memory.Sir please solve ticket problem i am play game i saw my ticket 1000 & play other winr game then I saw my tickets are 600 please solve this . And server problem plz solve . & I love all winr games.. Thanks. It help me to calculate faster & accurately ….may some day i won prize ,but it’s best game for every generation. I referred this game to one of my friend and got $ 0.10 and minus 2500 tickets but why minus 2500.It is very interesting and minder game because this application give a question with sign (+,-,×,÷).we give answer of questions sometime correct and sometime wrong but we know all things so if we have fully concentrate in this game then we give answer always correct. So It is very useful for increase our concentration of mind.it says my internet connection is slow wheever i tried to deposit my tickets also its hard to convert ticket to dollars becuase of the server issues…. if you want to give cash then can you please fix the issues… we’re making such efforts to earn the tickets… its hard to earn the ticket might as well be considerate enough to fix those issues… its irritating…

I converted my tickets and redeemed my money for the second time, but suddenly it was gone, from processing $10.10 back to zero. I contacted their email and waiting for replies. Please developer, don’t make me regret playing this game.Super fun and challenging. How fast can you go? It’s all about being fast, which means you can’t cheat. If you try and pause the game (say to Google or use calculator, once you unpause, that question gets skipped and a new one will be waiting. It’s about answering simple math equations. The faster you can do it, the better.

Puzzle games are good but worst game developers, still they didnt no how to correct the mistakes in the game …for eg.mahjong game, some times we cannot finish d game as they arranged the matching worsely, their softwares even couldnt find it…This is a nice app where you can enhance your knowledge in math plus you can earn free and all you have to do is to play and level up your rank. I just tried the ‘earn more’where you have to download another app and they will give you free tickets.., I just hope it wont take too long. I gave four stars because of the effects of the game that sometimes make me confused by numbers., I hope you can fix it and make the numbers clear in the eyes.sucks. the game says server problems or no connectiom when you want to transfer the tickets to dollars. however my network works fine and the game lets you transfer the tickets between their games Brain Battle/Solitaire. the games are fine but don’t like the cheeky attitude making you feel like they must think you are really that stupid to belive the connection/server issues. uninstalling from my phone.

App is excellent and I played nearly 3hours to make 10000 tickets which is the minimum score needed to convert to dollars. Drawback is when the score reached 10000 balance got reduced to 9500. ,Plz solve this issue. Update your winners list. It’s kind of ridiculous to see people who won more than two months ago. Looks like the cash winning prizes are fake.so interesting game. it gives me more excitement like a people like math, you should try this, it’s driving crazy when the times tik tok, i refer this to everyone to try this app. the way more answers correct,the more tickets you’ve got and turn into cash. 😘😘 thank you who made this amazing app 😁👍👍 goodjob!Not good, I had my 10,000 of those tokens, to bring me to $0.20, and it went to lost connection, so I exited out the game and started it up again, it took away my coins, and left me with 2,000

It’s awesome to be able to challenge our minds with math. It’s a learning game and it so beneficial in our everyday life to be able to Learn math while playing games and offers many free bees.Graphics could be better & pls include multiple brain trainings.. sone sort of a nerd arcade fighting over logic math puzzles!From last one year I am playing brain battle big time but till now my name has not been selected for lucky draw, I score more then average requir score but then also my name has not been selected in lucky draw. Games are good, but name has not been selected in draw. Some times I think Brian battle big time is real or fake?

I cant convert my tickets into cash .it says i have slow internet connection but my internet connection is strong and every time i do it always says to try again later but nothing really happens . they do not even bother to answer my email. i dont know if this app really is ligetimate or not… pls do answer ..


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