I rated this 4 for now because I just started. Seems like I could earn money here, the question is if I would be able to redeem it after reaching the min. payout of $50. I read the description above and it says “time payment is not available, but you always have the opportunity to use the money earned in the program, share the works.”, I wish someone from your team clarifies this to me and reply to all of the complaints/question below. I have high hopes, hoping you are a decent legit app.Do not download, app requires you to get 50$ in order for you to withdraw. I was able to make 40.1$ but now I don’t get any videos to watch or apps to download. Very useless app.This app is very bad 😠😠😠 this works till 40$ after 40$ its stop working totally fake. Plese don’t download it.

This app is fraud. After 20-30 install no app will be available. You never get paid cause $50 balance is long term. You can’t uninstall app it will deduct balance. Its instruct to remove app after get payment, but payment threshold $50.Doesn’t work properly after one day it comes sponsers are not there please come back or some package is removed. Fake app .It stopped on 15.5 dollar and says come back tomorrow . When I went next day , again the same text ‘come back tomorrow’.Total fraud app .You cannot earn only 15.5dollar .If you want money then you complete 50dollar . RECOMMENDING NOT TO USE IT. nice application u can earn money easilyy, if u want to great app to make extra cash in the ur free time this app are what you should be looking to using.
Bad app.. The minmum payment is 50 $ and reward for install apps 0.2 $ that mean I should install 250 App.!! And if I remove any app thay cut 0.1$.
So good app Recommended you download it because it helps to earn money Неплохое приложение помогает заработать деньг.

Totally fraud 50 dollars earning in impossible beacuse i watch 167 video for 40 seconds and 15 applications install but my total earning is 16.4 doller and you can not withdraw 50 dollers please dont install and dont waste your data and time.This is so fake app.. changing name every time….And my money is also gone in this fake… app so ….If you reading dont invest money..In this fake app…..Got up to 40 quid and its stopped giving me videos to watch.i dnt even have the iption to cash out any more it says plz write to us for ur money .iv sent an email but i cant c me getting the money i have worked for.months of effort i put into this and they scam us.do not install this app they wont pay u a penny absolutely sickening to do this to ppl .they really r the worst app on the play store.i will b reporting them and doing wat i can to get this app shut down. why i cant add my app i want to pramote my app i have 2.1$ money in this app and when past the link of my app in this app the app is not adding add app or video button not working the app is not adding plese fix it. A THIEVING APP!!! trying to take your hard earned money, you may get results on smaller payments, but that is a ploy. I bought the more expensive one when I got results on the first one. I am yet to get the results they promised. They deserve a 0 rating not even a one.
after intalling Application when will i come back for play assistant promotion app crashed too much time. And not getting money of installed app. Suggestions : display only this app that have allowed to install in my country. Cool app i think this app is pretty good to make money by installing apps and also you can find good apps in here. Hello guys….and the developer team I suggest u to make an app which directly gives us money for downloading apps….I tried to earn points but it is difficult to earn a lot.. so if we directly get money we would have patience to earn them!
I really am not impressed. The apps don’t open the correct links if it opens at all. But have to give five stars for the points.Dont waste your data and time. Its a fake and fraud app. You can’t withdrawl your money after completing task.nice app, great offers-its a big joke!!! unfortunately, they blocked my account after requesting my payout without any reason, DONT DOWNLOAD ITS A WASTE OF TIME!!! it contains malware to hack your paypal account!!!

OK so I got the game, I think it’s called dragon soul and it gives you 500 and something so I played it until I got to level seven like it says and it won’t give me the five hundred but it must give it to you a while later.I Loved It Because At First You Can Collect Points, And Then Now You Can Buy Giftcards, What!?!?!?!That’s Crazy!?!?Not Trying To Say That You Guys Went Too Far. I Just Love It!I’ll Just Give It A Big Five Star Rating!I love this app i got it from cam rush gaming this thing is a beast it give me gem for clash royale thx


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