Fun game. It would be nice if there wasn’t an unskippable ad every 2 minutes. It’s also nice how closing the app during an add gets rid of the past 5 minutes of progression. I also love how the game changes how many gold pigs you need based on how many you have. I have 9, it costs 10 for extra moves. Now I have 11, but now I need 12 to add extra moves. The next time I play, I have 12, but guess what?? It costs 13 pigs now.
Decent game, however tournaments let you start, then says you need more cash, take you to main game and gives no way of getting back to tournament. No decent tutorial on how to play, goals or explanation of game mechanics. Screen is cluttered with icons in tapping field that you accidentally open when you don’t want to, at times leading you to spend pigs before you realize it, because you are tapping. Ads just suddenly start when upgrading in upgrade menus. Ad frequency seems high.A very fun and stress relieving 5 star game. But I never get the golden pigs that are given as a bonus for watching adds. And I hate the hypocritical proverbs when the game loads otherwise the creator should stop trying to make money selling game content, which I’ve bought :).
Amazing Game! I love this game so much it really helps with my anger issues and hopefully I could soon get 100MIL this game is a brilliant game! I 100% recommend you download this game it will fill you with joy! I also have an update idea it would be amazing if you could add sales! So if something is 10 Gold pigs per say add a sale to make it like 7 Gold pigs! Hopefully you like my idea!

This game is fun… Until you start getting smacked in the face with unskippable ads you don’t even expect ever 30-40 seconds. I find myself tapping the home arrow on my phone more than the game itself just so I can get back to playing quicker, only to have the same obnoxious ad slam me back in the face within 5 seconds. Uninstalling the game until the devs do something about it.
Mission asking me to upgrade the piggy bank yet no button or menu exists allowing me to do that anymore after opening the game a second time. The first time i opened it, buttons stent responding. Meh.
I love this game! I’m so addicted! It’s not giving my pigs when they say I’ve accumulated them sometimes but if they did is the only fault I have to complain in. I love it though I’ve never been so attached to a phone game!

The reason why I gave two stars cuz how become that when I surrender my stuff starts all over that’s messed up I was so far and now I have to start over I had 1.8MB and each of the money I swiped was worth 100B and now it’s all gone I’m done with this game😤😤😠

I love this game, I even spent some money for those pigs. But after playing for a while my next surrender is at 21.7 MBBB witch is insain!! with all my upgrade I get 27 KBBB that’s more then 20000 taps for a small reward! I hope you fix this, and I’m hoping you are working on new areas of the “bunker” its saying “comeing soon” over a year now! Also let’s not get started on the INPOSIBLE MINI GAMES. In my 1 year of playing I made it once!!! I spent 50 gold pigs because I was starting to lose it!

The option to buy golden minutes and other powerups are gone where did they go? Plus my cloud data has been erased leaving me with tons of progress, and golden pigs erased. This game is terrible and it basically stole money from me
I might be crazy for expecting more from a free phone game, but it’s just swiping. There’s no point. The money serves no purpose other than to purchase upgrades that help you. . .get more money. It’s like a parody of the pointlessness and stupidity of most mobile games except it isn’t meant to be funny at all.
It is a good game for when you want to waste time and it is quite addicting I put it at three stars because when you level up it is ment to give you rewards but for me from level 9 it has stop given me my rewards.

It’s a fun time killer, but be careful buying their micro transactions for their mini games. They don’t run 100% all the time, and tend to break. So whatever you buy might not work even though the transaction went through.The quests want me to buy stuff that doesn’t exist anymore. I remember playing this about a year ago and these items were there, but it isn’t there anymore. Speaking of which this game has gotten worse. I want to go back in updates to get the game to be good again.gonna say very amazing game but unfortunately the 2 star rating is due to the fact i upgrade or buy upgrades and a forceful video ad pops up is pathetic it doesnt happen if your internets turned off but that’s to big of a inconvenience fix the ad pop upz during upgrading and I’ll be happy to give a 5 star rating.
The game is horrible I used to play this when it was fun tournaments are all jacked up you can’t even get back on them when you get off of them.

Entertaining, but their in-app purchase system is broken. Several times I attempted to make a purchase, but was told an error occurred, all while still being charged for the purchase anyways. I have attempted to get a refund for the faulty purchase, but they have not responded and it appears I was scammed.
It’s nice, except for the ads… At least put a warning because when you are tapping and then one pops up, it kinda makes you go immediately to Google play store for that ad… My problem with it is it always happens after I get golden minutes. Then I lose half the time, and when you spend money for the pigs to buy stuff like that, it’s just a waste of money… Just warn us when an ad pops up so I can get more than a few swipes in, being how hard it it to get pigs.


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