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The game is fun. A nice little cookie clicker kind of game for when you’re bored. However, the ads really bring this game down. You can already watch ads for little rewards, like golden bills for 10 seconds or a gold pig or something like that, and that’s perfectly fine. But the ads should not be showing up in normal gameplay. Just because I am upgrading a certain item a lot does not mean a video ad should suddenly show up, bringing me into the Google Play store. You should add a option that lets you get rid of the ads for, like, 5 bucks or something. I have looked for one and couldn’t find it, but I would surely pay for no ads.
To many ads game crashes every single time they popup and have to reopen and start from scratch again do to this. Was a great simple fun game then the ads started showing up more frequently.
This game is not fun, I’d need real cash to spend my time on this game. Too tedious and very hard on your touch screen. So since there are no real world rewards it’s not worth considering.
THEIF, I purchased the $1.99 for 25 pigs and the $2.99 starter pack both of which I was charged for and did not receive. It stated that the purchase failed and to try again later. I do have the receipts from Google play showing I was charged. If unfixed I will be reporting.
i keep accidently hitting the little power up things and wasting golden pigs if im not paying the closest attention to the game i wish there was a confirmation that i want to use the power up and golden pigs. ive done it more than a few times and im just getting irritated. Ads. Every. Five. Seconds. Not to mention that the “5 extra moves” thing is a scam. To put it simply, if you have under 3 pigs(kind of like gems) it offers you 5 more moves on one of the games, but it costs you 3 pigs. If you don’t have enough, you’re forced to lose the mini game, resulting in the loss of money. If you have 3 pigs, it bumps the price to 4. You have 4 pigs? Great! Now you need five. You can only really buy more moves if you have 12 pigs. It tries to coerce you into spending real money on pigs to win the mini game. Other than the ads(which are super hard to close btw), the scams, and the annoyance of not being able to gain money when you close the app (unless you upgrade your vault, which is pointless once you reach a certain point), the gameplay is fun. Ironically, it’s really just trying to get you to spend actual money

This game is really fun, I (personally) don’t get bombarded with ads, although the Google Play loading screen does come up a lot. However, I can’t access tournaments, which are my favourite part of the game. I’m past level 7 (the unlock threshold) but there’s no button on the right. Please help!

This game actually has a good base, multiple ways of earning money, it looks good and it plays well. However, I cannot get over the adds that keep popping up in your face, it’s every 30 seconds or so, and they usually come up when you’re tapping, meaning that you accidentally open the app store or open a web page. it’s incessant, and it destroys the.
This game is good if your in the car and are bored or somthing but i tryed buying something and it didnt let me so i was kinda pissed and then another time i watched an ad for autoswipes and it gave me like 2 seconds of autoswipes even tho it said 10 seconds.absolutely the wrost, i decided to buy a in app purchase of 99 cents and never received my items i then decided to contact the email linked in both the game and play store, never got a response. yes its just a dollar but its still not allowed to do that definitely worth less than 1 star.

The game is fun and it is very addictive. There are plenty of upgrades and some mini games to keep you occupied. BUT there are a lot of ads that interrupt the gameplay and the blatant disrespect and hate for the current president Donald Trump is silly. I don’t want your political opinions ruining my game experience…

really good game just bad becuase the ads and when you try to get something from ads you have leave the game and join again but except for that its realy good but I would really like it if thay fixed that bug (·-·)
Tip to users who don’t want to grind for dinos: Click the insane cash blast, close the buy more pigs menu, and you’ll get 100 free dinos. Repeat this until you’ve reached 1400 dinos and you’ll have unlocked everything in the event in under half a minute. Tip to the developers: Make sure your redesign doesn’t suck.

I few years ago, I got this game and it was great! I forgot about it, but now, things have changed. The bulk of the game is the same, but there are so many problems with this new iteration, it’s somehow worse. Most notably are the ads. Ads are not a problem, too many are, and they interrupt gameplay. There’s also too much going on at once, so it’s hard to keep track of things. Some ideas are good, but they aren’t explained or fleshed out. It’s not one star, because the game isn’t unredeemable.

Fun time killer, but the developer needs to add more levels and more things to buy. I’m currently at 4.09BBB per second and level 95, the vault needs a higher capacity option more than KBB, there needs to be more financial and business options as well. Also add an easy upgrade option instead of having to tap each time for an upgrade, it takes a really really long time to upgrade everything after surrendering.

I love this game it’s always a game u can play when ur bored. If I find self not playing it I delete it but I always re download it


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