link vpn is a Great app.I am able to surf the internet freely.However,when I try to watch videos either on youtube,netflix or any other app,the video refuses to load and youtube tells me am ofline.Kindly help.I really love this app because I used it since 2018 until now with many phone and it still free vpn. It doesn’t like another vpn app it’s the best one for me. Thank for made this app and I hope it still free vpn forever😊😍

❣The app only works on older versions of android. It used to work well on my lenove 650 phone before… But does not work on honor8x or Nokia 2.1 or any other latest android phones. The smart route is always off, no matter what smart route option is selected. Desperately waiting for the developer to fix the issue.
Hellooooo…I hope all of You to be ok,every time,every place.I should say that:I LOVE YOUR VPN (LinkVPN) THE MOST!It works on my device very well and I ENJOY IT! THANKS ALL OF YOU!!!
had SuperVPN installed which gave network error and recommended using LinkVPN within SuperVPN app: same network error LinkVPN. great job, you got another download. hundreds of 5 star reviews without comment, clearly to bump up the rating. all apps by this developer to avoid.
When I Connected My Speed Is Reduce.But Good For Unblock Sites And Easily To Watch and Downloads.

Thanks For upload. I like it because of its speed in connection. I have even tried to compare it with supper VPN but I found its the fastest. Just i don’t like inappropriate apps for Advitisement which causes inconvience during connection. i was using super vpn a mint ago but then i download this one to not c the ad again but then , super vpn stopped working with a. error & the new 1 didnt work either so, idk what u did but its really bad, sorry for u & u got the 1 star bcz u forced me or u wont post my comment. really sorry.

it does take too much time to be connected, sometimes it doesn’t connect, it contains too many exhausting ads disturbing all the time…a very effective app,in a circumstance that many vpn s can not get through the very harsh and restict filtering in my place Linkvpn provide what is needed. well-done. after I updated the app, I can’t connect until now really disappointed. I try another vpn and it’s working, please fix the link vpnit or I will use another vpn. Horrible speed. 5mbps download speed out of 115mbps 8mbps out of 20mbps up  download. Ping was good at 37.


Similar results from neighboring countries.To mach bad working after last update. your phone hang after connecting so don’t waste time with it…hi bro its not working for new android mobiles..VIVO- Y71,plz fix d issue,UAE location. it’s very very very very amazing and sooo cool really it’s so good , I hope you good day❤❤Nice app with seamless connectivity. And have good speed with with connection establishment. Need some more improvements. Need more servers and torrent support.

u vpn


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