Good app and deserve a good rate but honestly it’s over 5 hours I’m trying to connect using mobile data but failed. Doesn’t connect or connect and disconnect soon. Please fix problem connecting mobile data. About wifi app is really good connecting and take very short time but sometimes disconnect suddenly . I will back to correction my rate after problems fixed. Works as expected. I’m satisfied with the ads so that I can use VPN free of charge.
When i install ifew days it works better and second day when i tried to connecting it doesn’t work..! I tried many times but it stills on searching!!This app is stupid!!! It doesn’t connect to the any server & even if it connects somehow the speed is very very slow… It only shows alot of ads, it’s a waste of time!!!
Great vpn, but sometimes I can’t connect to the region I’ve selected although I have good connection. Please fix in future updates. Please Update South Korea Servers Sometimes server very low speed connectivity. so thats the reason to give

.This app is one of the best vpns helps in gaming experience and more best part is its free. Download now and rate .I’m having trouble to connect to vpn server. It just keep on searching after 4 or 5 time it get connected. Giving four stars because of the experience before the trouble started. I found this vpn today and I used for 2 hours. I used because I needed the Italy server. Now is not anymore and without that Italy server your vpn is worthless that is why I give . Put it back and I will change my rate to .

Nice but I’m not to be in pubg is a great daybreak via text you want a new one office and tips on the same time now I don’t have to be there for the one of my phones gonna get a great and tips for a new poster board games with that was talking about today and tips for the same thing I don’t have to be a new post it is a new post it is a new version ……It seemed to be a great app, just don’t feel i really need it anymore. Google watches over all it’s users and if there is a problem with someone not playing nice. THEY KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF IT!!😎👁️🤔🤣 The app did seem to work, but let’s keep in mind. The best thing to do in the internet world is trust nobody.✌️
Can’t even connect on any of the servers, not even on where I am currently. Whats else should you say about an app which got only one work to do and that too it can’t do properly. Properly? Its not even doing the work, forget about doing it properly. Thats a shame!! I’m going to uninstall this useless app right now!! One star from me!!
I really would like to rate 3.5 but 4 is fine this app is well built the ads aren’t all up in your face but just one thing is really making it bad which is the speed sometimes it will take like 2 seconds to connect and sometimes like 2 minutes and then once your connected the download speed is just impossible to deal with. download
it’s good to use cause it’s free, today the connection of this vpn is bad.. the connection become poor and when I’m going to try vcall it’s super slow and then the connection will be lost and try to connect again. i try it several times but nothing change. my connection lost and i cant call or vcall.

Service is very bad. After using it for some time, i decided to uninstall it. because of the speed. speed is really very slow. average speed is not more than 30 KBs. Even using 2G is better than using the VPN.I got the app and connected to a server. It worked very well the first time. But then I got a call and disconected from the server. I have not been able to reconnect to the server sense. And ive tried everything. Its 2 stars from me.
This app have many locations thats makes me happy. But its randomise connection, some times it connects mostly don’t i waited like 10mins for the connection but its still undone. If they make fast & strong connection then i’ll give it 5 stars & recommend other to use this app.Good app, but the only issue Im having is, I couldnt connect to United Kingdom Server anymore, it was failing. But on others, it’s working. It was working on connecting to UK Server before.
at first it works like a charm but lately im not able to connect to anywhere. it just wont connect. plz fix it. this is a good vpn, but i dont know whats the prob. hipe the devs will fix it soon. this app is worse i cant even connect to pubg while trying to connect in different server it will stay connected for a while then as soon as i will enter pubg with the vpn connected..it will disconnect automaticaly please give me some advice.It’s quite good but many servers r not responding or there r no such services so it’s having issues from server side not from clients side that would be grate if u could fix this issue and add some setting for changing our location like ip* something like. It’s very easy. I was searching for a vpn app to play PUBG MOBILE LITE. The other vpn apps seems very hard and complicated to use. They recconnects to the server while playing. This problem was in many apps. But finally I found this app. Thanks to the creators and developers to make this such type of app. Hope you guys will work better from tomorrow😀
yaa !! its good. it is free with numbers of connection. An ads free app #SOLO_VPN. But it won’t get connected to some of networks. If this problem is with me only. please let me know how do i fix it. and if this problem is to all your suscribers you need to fix it.The Vpn is really good. But I can’t connect to the Taiwan server ! It’s really annoying. Maybe the server has crashed. So please fix the server. I can connect to other servers but I can’t connect to this particular server. I hope the server would be fixed soon.
It was Fine for a free vpn and Honestly I am using It smoothly although I understand the slow connection issues.The server Location is Honest.The best Free VPN Deserving of Download . EDIT:After weeks of using it, I think the devs read my comment. And infact this is a 5 star deserved vpn . I hope you continue with good service. Cheers

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