Learn German with Bilinguae Deutsch and 5000 new singles

application to learn language

Are you looking for a new way to save more German words, are you having a conservation problem and forgetting what you’ve learned before?
Do you want to update and upgrade your language inventory and enrich it with a lot of new vocabulary?
We offer you the perfect application of that, with which you will learn German professionally and remember most words and be able to advance your level of learning German.
In the later lines, it’s going to be with general information about medicine, and then it’s going to move on to identify with us their most important advantage and present our gift, which is a direct link to download with ease.

What does Bilinguae Deutsch offer

With your app on your Android, you’ll be able to learn more than 5000 new German words, further developing your language use.
Various interesting topics with which you can start any conversation or discussion with native German speakers.

The benefits and most important advantages of the application

Through the educational system followed by the application, users can be offered many benefits, including the following:

  • More than 5000 words you can learn professionally.
  • It can be used without a web connection, where it only takes the first time to use an Internet connection and then you can dispense with it.
  • Listen to words spoken properly by professional German speakers.
  • Each single subject includes 3 exercises through which you can learn new vocabulary and sentences.
  • The software features a very intelligent review system, which monitors your mistakes in case you miss keeping the word until it reminds you later in order not to forget it.
  • Many grammatical rules are used by the application in its basic training.
  • The sync feature through which you won’t lose your progress that you’ve made before, in case you want to install the app back in your loss because of a mistake.
  • The possibility of sharing the app with your family or children and using it through a password and a private account for each of them is arguably ideal for those who share the same tablet.
  • By earning points and advancing your workouts and solving them, you can take a free seat at advanced levels, offered by the app to the top three rankings.

Download Application

Press the link below and link directly to the download server with ease.

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