NINA Best Application of Emergency Information and News for Civil Protection

nina application to event of disasters and hazards

Are you looking for an application that can provide emergency and disaster assistance? Do you live in Germany and need to know this news before it happens?
We offer the best app that can be your friend at all times and anywhere you’ve been.
In our article, we will talk about the following topics: Who is Nina nina, what are its advantages and benefits, the way it’s loaded and used.

Who’s Nina

A software application running on all mobile phones, classified under the category of information and news applications, to warn of all disasters that may occur such as floods, torrents and earthquakes.
The programme, provided by “BBK”, which represents the Federal Union Office of Civil Protection and Relief, operates on a standard warning system called “MoWaS,” which is funded by the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait Civil Defence Services.
As of 2013 all German states can use this system related to all municipal centers.

Competitive advantages and characteristics of application

An application that offers users many benefits in the event of disasters and hazards occurring in all regions of Germany, the most important of which are:

notifications from the Civil Protection Unit and advice to avoid risks arising from the emergency.
The possibility of knowing the weather and warning about the severity of the rains in all areas of Germany.
All the information and news about torrential rains and floods that may occur at the state and city level.
The app contains warnings for fires and power outages, and in case of strong storms, you can also from the settings list find out what guidance to act in case an emergency is affected.
It is important to remember that the application servers do not keep user data.
You can identify more than one area where you are to receive alerts about the general state of it and in case of any sudden event.
To use the app you have to be connected to the Internet or use the network data on your mobile phone.

How to download the application

You can easily get the app through your own browser, or by pressing our link that we offer you from Play App Store for more reliability.

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