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Germany is primarily an economic state, and this has attracted entrepreneurs to invest in its territory. The country has attracted many tourists because of its many tourist aesthetic features, as well as many immigrants residing there for school reasons or to escape the difficult conditions surrounding them in their countries.
They had to master German in order to build successful social and economic relations with the local population, where language is the primary gateway to communication among peoples and the civilizational evidence of their progress and development of knowledge.
In this article, we will talk about a great application for learning German vocabulary and sentences so easily that we will address the advantages of the program and the usefulness it offers by learning German for its users, with the addition of a download link to the end of the article.

What’s Der Die Das Letra?

A technical program that you can download on mobile devices and use at any time you want, the application follows the category of educational programs, where you can learn German professionally through its teaching method using educational cards.

The most important advantages of application

Many of the benefits and benefits that the programme offers to its users:

  • The app is completely free.
  • German rules are learned through games and cards that are shown as the most important rules for the professional use of verbs, names and adjectives in German.
  • The favorite menu is one of the most important icons in the app that helps you save the words, sentences and rules you want to review where you can go back to even with no Internet connection.
  • The application offers the advantage of speaking German through the feature of pronouncing an article or text using a speech function.
  • Speech recognition feature
  • Splitting speech and vocabulary into subject-specific categories for ease of review.

Loading German Vocabulary Learning Program

You can easily access the app by accessing Google Play from your browser, we also offer you a direct download link, which you can press to access directly to the download site.

Der Die Das Letra is one of the most important educational applications of languages, with which you can learn new skills professionally as soon as possible, you can learn more German words and vocabulary and rules for their use.

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