Application of halal zalal to check food products

Halal Zulal apilication

Recently, Muslim migration to countries in Europe and the Americas has increased. Especially Germany and Sweden.
These migrations differed according to their causes, but the similarity was the nature of the migrants, who associated themselves with the common Islamic customs they carried with them from their countries.
They searched for restaurants and shops that offered Halal Zalal food products in accordance with Islamic law.
Some restaurants have put up signs to advertise these products to Muslims present, but because there are few such restaurants there has to be a way to help them choose their own food.
In this article, we offer a great app that works as a barcode scanner for products, offering many advantages to its users.

Halal Zulal Features

The most important advantages of the application include:

  • The app offers a barcode reader’s tip to make sure the products are free of any items that don’t fit Islamic beliefs on menus.
  • The app can check products through a mobile camera.
  • You can manually enter the barcode code into the application.
  • You can handle the application in more than one language like German, English, Turkish, Arabic, to facilitate language understanding and product handling.
  • The application allows you to know in detail all the components of the product involved.
  • You can check whatever products you want. It’s free and can be used for a lot of times.
  • An important additional feature recently introduced to the application is the location of a particular product on the market.
  • Presents full product details such as country of origin, date of validity and composition of materials.

How to download and use the application؟

Right through the pressure on the direct link that connects you to the famous Google Play store.
The method of using the application is very simple, only you have to install the apparent box on the camera and install the barcode reader on the product.
Then you can get all the information you’re interested in about the product where the scanner reads all the details.

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