Special Code Fabrication with QR Application

special code with application

Recently, a technical theme has emerged: generating codes for multiple purposes, connecting your social media channels to a single code or connecting your own text, contacts, Wi – Fi code, and many other reasons why the generation and manufacture of codes is an attractive theme for many.

In this article, we brought you a special app that can help you create your own code based on your own taste and desire connected to something special for you.

What QR Offers?

The app is the creator of codes as you wish, you can use them anywhere you want, from Facebook and Instagram to business cards and Internet networks.

The most important advantages of the application for users

The code manufacturer provides several benefits to its users:

  • Possible modification of codes.
  • Colors and patterns can be modified.
  • You can add your logo or the company you work in or a distinctive text to the code to highlight and impress.
  • The app provides professional code design templates that you can use easily and quickly.
  • Gives users the possibility to scan and decorate the codes.
  • Through the app, you can add the code to your images literally.
  • QR supports all types of content.
  • Recently used design templates can be saved in the code register and later used.

How to use QR?

the application is very easy to use:

  • After accessing the app and adding your account, choose the type of code you want to make.
  • Enter the desired content and then press an icon creation
  • If you want to modify the code and add an image and a notification, you can save the template in the log for use again.
  • You’re gonna confirm what you did to finish the job.

Download Application

The software is available for all kinds of Android phones and you can download it through Google Play.
Also, the application can be downloaded directly through the link we display below. You can press a simple click, and it will direct you to the home page immediately.

You can use the app and enjoy its wonderful advantages to create a great, interesting code design for a lot of excellence.

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