Learn languages on your phone with native speakers with italki help

Learn languages with app italki

As social media enters our lives and the cultures of the world open up to each other, learning more than language has become an urgent necessity to build our social, economic and family relationships.

In this article, we will show you one of the best applications of language learning and mastery through native speakers of the language, with simple lessons and other features offered by the app that we will talk about in turn.

What’s italki

A technical programme falling under the category of educational programmes, which helps people learn languages in a very innovative and effective way.
This program serves as an online language learning platform, providing an opportunity to meet professional language educators across the world.
Native language teachers value your level of language learning and depending on the outcome of his test can help you advance the use of language skills.

Italki Features

This educational platform has many features that make it on the list of the best online language learning programmes:

  • Through this platform can learn with real experiences of the original professors of this language.
  • It offers its educational services relatively cheaply, as it can be paid comfortably.
  • You can pay every class or every lesson, it’s very flexible in these things, where the savings in lessons can be up to 30%.
  • Whether you want to learn any of the most difficult and even relatively easy languages, you will learn it through high-quality experience offered through thousands of specialist teachers around the world.
  • More than 150 languages are available on the platform.
  • 1000000 lessons are available in the application.
  • The app grants great flexibility in the time available to learn, anywhere and anytime your lesson can be booked and reached out to the teacher you choose via video chat.
  • Through the platform, you can communicate with other students and get to share language information and how to pronounce it and use its grammar through.
  • The app gives you a chance to work, if you’re a language speaker, you can teach other students and help them master your original language for money.

How to download the application?

The software is available for all types of Android phones, which can be downloaded through any browser through the Google Play store.
If you want to download it through our page, we’re showing a direct link that connects you to the homepage.
Enough pressure on the link and you’ll be able to load it easily.

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