Photo Translator Application – Image Translation with Camera


All us have used Google translation, either during study or in daily dealings, especially if you are in a country where you do not speak the language , but recently the various smartphone apps in their disciplines have been helping us more than Google, and making it easier for us to do the job. In case you’re an immigrant, a tourist in any country in the world, or you even have a job in a foreign country, you may be intercepted on the road, the mall, the airport, the restaurant and many places.

Now with the Photo Translator app, it’s going to be easy and you don’t need to ask anyone else, it’s one of the best translation apps because it’s translated directly by scanning and quickly either from the camera or from any image.

Photo Translator Application

Is to apply the translation of any written language to a sign in the road anywhere or a picture on your mobile, by pressing only one button the translation will appear directly.

Photo Translator Application Features

  • Knowledge of Language Directly.
  • Translation of all types of images
  • Live translation of what’s going through the camera.
  • Translation of over 100 languages
  • It can work by activating an unrelated position to the network
  • It has scanner technology, which is scanning technology.
  • You can install a global dictionary through the image translation program.
  • You can install a voice and text translator
  • The option to upgrade to Premium, which helps you with quick translation without advertising and without Internet connection.
  • A simple program that saves time and facilitates your daily life in any country in the world, especially if you’re a student or need some medicine, will help you read whatever you want.

Photo Translator Application Disadvantages

  • It doesn’t translate more than one picture a day.
  • It needs a subscription if you’re going to use it for more than one photo or without the Internet.

How to download the Photo Translator application with the camera

  • Search application via Google Play or click through link.
  • Wait a few minutes until the app is downloaded and click to install and then open
  • The app will give you an option. On Option
  • Now you can use the app either to translate pre-existing images or through new images on camera.
  • Choose your native language, and the application discovers the language you want to translate into your language

The photo translation app is great and special, and it’s a way to make your life in any country different from your language, and it’s easy to download on your smartphone, and it’s small in size.

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