Learning German in the simplest way by applying Deutsch sprechen DS


After the world has become like a small village and communication between people from different communities has become more accessible, in our time, a person who is only as proficient in his mother tongue as an illiterate person, learning another language opens up new avenues of knowledge, also securing jobs for many people, and from the languages that have become so popular, is German, because of the development of this country and the creation of many jobs in it, Germany has become a destination for a large number of refugees and immigrants.

The German language can be learned through many smartphone applications, providing you with many of the most commonly used tests and phrases, the best known of which is the Deutsch sprechen DS.

Deutsch sprechen DS application features

  • He teaches German in the simplest way.
  • He teaches German grammar at all levels.
  • The application contains illustrations attached to the text and sentences.
  • The app contains conversations and text interviews with people.
  • The app offers German – language chat for all levels.
  • The application provides rules for B1 and B2 levels.
  • The application is intended for Arabic speakers and is intended for the Arab community in Germany.
  • The app helps learn German from scratch.
  • The app can be downloaded to Android devices, and the app was last updated in February 2019.
  • The app is popular among users and has 4.5 stars.

This is the Deutsch sprechen DS application.

  • Level A1 First Lessons
  • Level A2 time lessons.
  • B1 rules
  • B2 rules
  • B2 topics
  • B2 verbs and vocabulary
  • B1 topics
  • Explaining B1 images
  • Personal Dialogues
  • Actions and vocabulary
  • Daily Sentences
  • Emotive Situations
  • Voice Lessons

How to download the application

  • You can find the application through Google Play search or by clicking the download button
  • Wait a few minutes until the app is downloaded and then install the app and then you can open the app from your cell phone.
  • Now you can use all the lessons and levels in the application.

Language in general is not just a cultural bearer; it is a huge amount of information and knowledge, so those who want to master a language have to enjoy the will, desire and patience. Through these three factors, anyone can learn a new language in record time.

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