Learn the whole German grammar… apply A1-A2-B1-B2-C 1 Deutsch Lernen Grammatik


Learning a language needs patience and persistence, and at the moment learning another language is essential. It has a role to play in opening up a lot of opportunities for both work and study, and one of the languages that has become so popular to learn is German.

If you’re thinking about learning German, finding it hard to save its vocabulary and grammar, here’s the application of Duche Lern Grammatic, that application will help you determine your level, and enrich your language inventory.

The application consists of several icons, which are

  • An icon offers you a test that sets your level through it.
  • An icon who teaches full German grammar, including sentences, names and deeds.
  • The German level icons are then gradually A-level which offers basic language skills consisting of A1 for beginners, and A2 which imbues basic language skills.
  • The second level, the Advanced Language Skill, is composed of B1, which is the first advanced level, and the B2, which is considered to have reached this level, is highly German.
  • Level C is like level B but broadly.

Application Features

  • Offers different and important language subjects and assists learners preparing to take an examination.
  • The application can be used without Internet connection.
  • It can be downloaded on a mobile phone or on an iPad.
  • This application helps learn German grammar.
  • This application provides you with a large amount of the most widely used vocabulary with its pronunciation method.
  • The app is free and accessible to everyone.
  • It’s an excellent application for mastering all levels of German.
  • The application has explanations in English and German.
  • The application contains over 10000 language exercises in all important subjects.
  • The app doesn’t need much capacity on the cell phone.
  • The application used more than 500000 users and their assessment was that it was a very useful application.

Download Application

  • The application can be searched through Google Play or through clicking the button
  • The application will be downloaded in a few minutes and then select the application installation.
  • You can now open the application and start studying the rules and the level you’ve reached in German.

With technological development, language learning is no longer difficult, because there are applications that are easily carried on smartphones and tablets, without the need for a teacher or language courses, and these applications teach language in a sequential and pleasant way, starting from letters to the most common conversation, rules and phrases, and these applications are accessible to everyone, allowing a large segment to learn German at home. 

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