Learn German with the great application drops

learning German with Drops

Learning German is one of the most difficult things facing immigrants in Germany, where German is a difficult language compared to some languages such as English.

The number of non-indigenous residents in Germany has increased, for reasons of study or follow-up, or perhaps refugees who recently arrived in Germany after many countries experienced difficult economic and social conditions in their countries.

in order to create a language to communicate with the German people, it was necessary to learn German, to do economic projects and to run their business, to get degrees and to enter German universities, also to take tours, they had to master language learning at the beginning of their lives.
Due to the preoccupation and crowding of daily life, many prefer not to adhere to the tired, routine and dense language cycles.
Here we are going to talk about the rich Drops application, the real facilities for anyone who wants to learn German and about its most important features and how to download it, so follow up with us in the next lines.

What’s Drops?

A software application that can be uploaded to Android devices, through which you can learn German in a simple and fun way through the features it offers its users.

300,000 users of the app worldwide, making it the most popular app in the service application category.
An innovative teaching method is that of gaming, illustrations, and attractive colors.

Drops Features

Many of the features the app offers its users include:

  • Free levels of German for beginners.
  • In case you want to advance the level of learning with Drops, you have to contribute just a small $2.99 to get through the level.
  • The application can provide sufficient information on 99 different topics and teach you how to use words, letters and sentences.
  • Over 73 languages across the world you can master with the educational levels that the app provides.
  • 1,700 words and a term that can be professionalized and saved through the program.
  • The application does not show classified ads.
  • The app can be used in the case of Off Line if the Internet breaks down.
  • By participating in Drops Premium, you can benefit from fully free support programs, which are Scripts, Droplets.
  • A fun method of learning through his colorful games and illustrations.

How to download the application?

  • By directly pressing the link below, you can download the application and install it easily.
  • You have to choose the language you want to learn.
  • The main menu in the application includes various lists, you can choose whatever you want from them.
  • From the upgrade menu, you can buy any additional features you want to add to the main application features.

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