Learn 3,500 words and singles with the best application for learning German

Learn 3,500 German words

Do you want to learn more languages, do you want to strengthen your communication skills, do you want to come to the German test and save a lot of sentences and vocabulary as soon as possible?
In our article, we will give you an amazing app description that will save you a lot of effort and time, we will tell you about its features, and you will be at the end of the article with a download link, and we will recommend another app that can help you learn quickly.

What’s the Egemen Can Uze Application?

The application is a light-volume software that can be easily downloaded on all Android phones.
Through the app, you can learn more than 3,500 different phrases and singles with a lot of common terms, as well as being able to learn more German grammar and different combinations of sentences between conscience and adjectives.

The most important features of the application are to teach German easily

  • The ability to listen to words and pronounce them the right way.
  • Follow-up progress at the levels it achieves.
  • New images every day explain the meaning of a vocabulary you first learn.
  • Word review feature I learned earlier.
  • The method of card learning through the way she flipped to her backside in order to get meaning.
  • Through your progress at levels you can get a lot of new words every time you make progress.
  • With application, all levels can be learned from scratch to professionalism and for all ages.
  • Learn from the laughing and entertaining style attached to the games.
  • A lot of German property consciences and grammar and uses can be mastered by this application.
  • 3,500 different words and singles would increase your experience of German and its professionalism like indigenous people.

Mode of loading and use

  • Press the download button.
  • On your solo, pass the education card to the right.
  • If you want to review it, you can pass it to the left.
  • Through the five-minute learning scheme every day and making it your daily habit, you can get through a lot of levels of progress and learning quickly.

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