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to install the best browser app instagram followers. It’s BLOCK ADS and very fast. I love Instagram. I’ve been using it for years. I just wish I didn’t have to uninstall and reinstall, every time it messes up. Seriously. It bugs out and won’t function properly, and I always have to resort to that. If an app existed that was exactly like Instagram, but didn’t bug out, I would use it.

Despite how annoying it is I still use the app to keep in touch with my online community. Great app. It can be easy to use. I do wish there was a automatically follow back feature. Or more features for that matter. It gets very irritating that people follow and unfollow and you get penalized for cleanumg up your follow list.

This is the app where I get the most nude photos from users. Reports don’t seem to do much. I do love the filters and being able to upload photos with my hashtags. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone underaged. And sending pics to Twitter and Facebook.Instagram is a wonderful app, I use it all the time. It is a great way to share what you’re up to, and also contact your friends and family. I love all the different filters that you can use for your photos, and there is so many nice edits. The messaging section is nice too, I like the way you can like somebody else’s message and send gifs and stickers.

The quality of the calls is very good on instagram followers and if I need to talk to someone without lag, Instagram is one of the first apps I would go to.Everyone knows what Instagram is. It’s a really smooth app, has surprisingly great features such as “You’ve seen everything today” which actually stops you from endless scrolling. If you’re just joining, beware that the amount of ads will keep steadily increasing as you use it.

They’re only trying not to scare you off at the beginning. But the interface has problems, you can’t control videos playing, the automatic swipe left camera is bad, there is no help. And slow phones can’t handle this app.I don’t know what’s wrong with this app because as I click to open it, my phone immediately gets switched off. And it is not once when I have faced this issue but for so many times I have been facing this.

And I have also reinstalled the app many a times but again after a few days it starts misbehaving the same. So, I am requesting you guys to solve this issue here only (in this feedback section) so that anyone other who is having the same problem can resolve it by reading this review.It was great at first, but today when I switched to my main account it would keep saying “Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped”, it didn’t do this for my other accounts and it didn’t start doinh this till sometime around 8:30p.m.,

I tried everything I could think of to fix this problem and nothing worked Please fix this in the next update!I’ve loved using instagram, but recently, things have been strange, can’t share stuff on my stories, sometimes the option of sharing is gone. One account has the sharing option, the other one doesn’t. the IGTV thumbnail ONLY video sharing option (which is a lot better) isn’t working these days. AND sometimes even simple images on messages can’t seem to send.I can’t post other posts or other stories onto my own story. It’s beyond frustrating. Others have the feature but mine is nowhere to be found.

I’ve tried updating the app, restarting my phone, clearing the app data, uninstalling/reinstalling, and checking to see if my phone was updated, yet nothing has helped me to get the post to story feature to show up. I’ve contacted Instagram a few times to see if they can help me resolve it, but they never reply. Instagram is a great aap for entertainment and communication,but there is one problem l am having .

l do not get all the same features as everyone else!!i update it , uninstall and reinstall ,restart my phone , clear cache data everything !! l have. Done so many things to try and fix this problem , but it always does the same thing . I used to love IG, but … The feed is no longer in chronological order, the views of the stories is no longer available after 24h, the app glitches often when I try to post videos, my drafts disappear when I switch between accounts, and your subscriber support is seriously lacking. For example: You unfairly deactivate accounts and don’t review appeals for reactivation. You do nothing when hate speech or harassment is reported.

You don’t respond to reported system bugs.The only i thing dislike is that your insta direct. in which i am not able to reply for a particular msg. by selecting it like WhatsApp. So it becomes very difficult for the person to understand that for which msg. I had replied! And also, after opening photos or stories sent in the group or personal chat,

we are redirected to the start of the chat on instagram followers where new messages were arrived, this makes us frustrated(since we then have to swipe back to the last message) please pay attention towards this!!!Everything is good,.but it should update video call timing(like call time and how long call has been connected) and if translation is possible then it would be perfect. And your online updation sucks. The user has not been active for 5 mins or so,. Still your application shows online,. After 10 mins it shows that the user was online before 9mins ago.. This sucks…


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